Newbie from Delta!
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Newbie from Delta!

This is a discussion on Newbie from Delta! within the Introduction Area forums, part of the BCA Main Navigation category; Not technically a newbie on here since I created this account a few months ago and promptly forgot about it, ...

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    DefaultNewbie from Delta!

    Not technically a newbie on here since I created this account a few months ago and promptly forgot about it, but hi there fellow fish nerds!

    As for an introduction, I've been in the hobby for around 3 years now. With my transition fish "drug" being the widely available betta fish. Before I knew it I had a betta tank (filtered and heated of course) in every room of my house much to my boyfriend's amusement. I've since rehomed all but two of the bettas and have moved on to larger tanks that offer more stocking options. Slowly working on turning our garage into a full out fish room and pretty stoked about it.

    Current set-ups: 70 gallon fancy goldfish tank with 4 cute fatties in residence, 20 gallon with a telescope goldfish that got bullied by the others, 34.5 gallon tropical community with a betta, diamond tetras and various platies (soon to have some pygmy cories), 5.5 gallon with my original betta that started all this insanity and a recently purchased 30 gallon breeder that I'm still pondering the possibilities for.

    Goals within the hobby are to continue learning and expand my fish collection to include some cichlids such as blue rams and angelfish. Would like to experiment with a fully planted tank as well since atm I have some real mixed in with fake plants.

    Looking forward to getting to know some other local peeps that are in the hobby as well My Instagram is michellesfishies if any of you are on that platform as well.
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    Welcome to BC Aquaria.
    75 gallon planted community tank
    25 gallon planted,dwarf chiclids,pencil fish,tetras
    16 gallon Bushynose Pleco
    Aquastyle 9 planted shrimp
    6 gallon Starphire
    Aqueoun 8 cube shrimp tank
    7 gallon bow front shrimp tank
    Top fin 3 gallon shrimp tank
    Mr Aqua 12 planted tank
    Aqueoun 2 shrimp tank
    Top fin 5 gallon shrimp tank

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    Welcome to the forum
    1 Fluval Spec V tank set up right now.
    ​Future set up will be a planted Fluval Osaka 155 cube tank with a HOB Seachem Tidal 55 power filter, a large sponge filter and a Eheim 2236 canister filter, lighting will be a Kessil a160we Tuna Sun with a dawn to dusk Kessil Spectra controller and pressurized Co2

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    Thanks, guys!

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    Garden Bay B.C.


    Welcome to a great community



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