Feb 1 new arrivals
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Feb 1 new arrivals

This is a discussion on Feb 1 new arrivals within the April's Aquarium forums, part of the Vendors category; ...

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    Default Feb 1 new arrivals

    Incoming fish today
    Rummynose tetra
    Pygmy Cory
    Sterbai Cory
    Silver flying fox
    German rams
    Scarlet Dario’s
    Kuboti rasbora
    Fire red shrimp
    Red auloncara cichlid 8 only.

    Also Tropica substrate
    Tropica ferts
    Grow ferts micro and macro combo
    Dragon stone

    Fluval flex 9 gallon and 15 gallon
    Fluval spec 5 gallon
    Bug bites for betta, bottom, and tropicals
    More coming next week.
    Biorb round , halo and flow

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