Recent Fish Room spawning.
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Recent Fish Room spawning.

This is a discussion on Recent Fish Room spawning. within the Breeding/Spawning Section forums, part of the Aquarium Related Chat category; Starting in January I started to put a bit more effort into the fish room which primarily meant keeping up ...

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    Default Recent Fish Room spawning.

    Starting in January I started to put a bit more effort into the fish room which primarily meant keeping up with the water changes and filter maintenance. Here’s my present recent spawning list.

    Species Fry / Juveniles
    Date: 2020.03.28

    Tropheus duboisi / 50 + (2 groups)
    Neolamprologus brichardi / 50 + (multiple - spawnings
    Julidochromis ornatus / 20 + (2 groups)
    Julidochromis marileri. / 10 +
    Julidochromis transcriptus - Albino / 5 +
    Labeothropheys feulleborni - Marmalade Cat / 4
    Alanocara sp. - Strawberry Peacock / 3
    Sciaenochromis ahli / 40 +
    Haplochromis sp. Lk. Victoria / 20 +
    Krebensis /15 +
    Small fish room, 24 tanks - various sizes. Inside the house (1) 40 - Breeder + 2 show tank 1 Fluval Venezia 190 L & Fluval Venezia 350 L

    Fish Room Album

    I keep most of my breeding groups in biotope tanks. I move pairs or breeding groups to special tanks to spawn and raise fry. I also take full advantage of Ziss & Marina water circulating breeder boxes. African Cichlids are what I breed mostly but have gotten more interested in catfish - corys & BN plecos in the past 12 months.

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    Sounds like your set up and efforts are paying off. Quite a collection of fry!
    210G South American - , Corydoras julii, Altum Angels, Discus, Clown pleco, Black Ghost knifefish
    90G for "Bobby the Turtle"
    120G South American - Discus, Neon Tetras, Rummy nose tetras, Yoyo loach and low tech plants

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    With staying at home more and having the summer off from courses, I’m now thinking of delving into breeding. Jealous that you have space for a fish room. All the best to the cichlid fry!
    Andrew L.
    Neighbourhood Freshwater Hobbyist



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