Hi All this is my first post to the site. I have had my 6 discus for two weeks now, we started a little late as there was to be a mojor storm and rick was understandable worried about shipping.

Any way a little back story to me, i have tropical fish since i was 15 years old i have tried to raise and keep pretty much everything from Oscars and Arowana to angels. the last few years i have tried to raise discus because they are in my mind the most beautiful tropical fish you can have. with much help and many fish from Rick i have been doing exactly that,With very little success. I have tried many many different things to keep them alive with little to no success. This is kind of my last kick at the cat. The big difference in this effort will be that i am going to allow my water to age before it is put in to my discus tank.
I will be housing my baby Discus in a 30 gallon tank with just a sponge filter and a 4 inch long blubber. Initially when i got the discus i kept them at 31 degrees, once i saw they were comfortable and eating well i backed that down to 30 and that is were i will keep them for a while. I am going to do a 30 to 40 percent water change one day and a 90 percent the next. food wise is mostly black worms which i have in there for them pretty much 24-7.

They seem to be doing very well and in the two weeks have lost there shyness and can hardly wait for me to get my hand out of the way to eat. I can even notice a fare bit of growth on them and that has made me feel confident i may be on the right track