Discus feeding question
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Discus feeding question

This is a discussion on Discus feeding question within the Canadian Aqua Farm Discus Hatchery forums, part of the Vendors category; Calling Discus lovers! I feed my discus a variety of food including mostly FD Blackworm, Vitacomplete granules, followed by frozen ...

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    Default Discus feeding question

    Calling Discus lovers!

    I feed my discus a variety of food including mostly FD Blackworm, Vitacomplete granules, followed by frozen mysis, Brine shrimp and bloodworm.

    My question - if I feed bloodworm more than once on consecutive days, some of the fish appear to experience mild indigestion and go off their food for a day or so.

    Has anyone experienced this or have any comments in this regard?
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    I remember watching a video from Jack Watley Discus and he mentioned that many people kept calling about sick discus and they all had one thing in common which was they fed blood worms.

    I would suggest not feeding blood worms just to be on the safe side..
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    Due to tank size and number of fish
    If the tank is too small and the fish are large or too many, it is more likely to cause the fish to grow, die or bite each other. Therefore, do not keep too many fish in the tank, keep fish that eat each other, or raise fish too big in a tank too small.

    Aquarium technique does not die
    For those who are new to aquarium fish, or even have kept aquarium fish for a long time, the situation of dying fish can still occur, causing frustration. Here are tips for keeping healthy aquarium fish, living longer.

    Aquarium size
    When rearing aquarium fish in glass tanks, it is important to choose a tank with a large enough size, a moderate density of fish in the tank to create a clear view. The more fish, the faster the dirt becomes dirty, the faster the oxygen density decreases.

    For small and medium sized aquariums, only small fish such as goldfish, gobies, bettas should be kept. Larger glass tanks can grow larger fish, but need a jacuzzi to provide enough oxygen.

    Water in aquarium
    The most important factor in how to raise ornamental fish is not to die before releasing fish, to check and treat the water thoroughly. Specifically:

    Tap water: Contains a lot of chlorine, so it is necessary to put water in pots, brass without a lid for at least 1 day to evaporate chlorine, turn on an oxygen machine, put in a sunny place.



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