do plants take in waste?
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do plants take in waste?

This is a discussion on do plants take in waste? within the Freshwater Chat forums, part of the Aquarium Related Chat category; do plants take in fish waste and release oxygen. i once of a saying that if your goldfish could speak ...

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    Default do plants take in waste?

    do plants take in fish waste and release oxygen. i once of a saying that if your goldfish could speak he would tank u for a row of plants Lol i only got one plant and its half eaten but seeing as the plants do good for the aquarium, would a long row of plants make my 25gal better for black moor and fancy goldfish and my minnows, by controlling the waste better than what double filteration is doing? thanks.

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    PLants, probably won't last too long in a goldfish tank.
    They don't "take" waste, they will use the ammonia, & nitrates as food.
    This still doesn't mean you don't need to vac or have a filter.

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    The only time plants make a substantial difference to water chemistry is in a heavily planted tank. The type where you can't see the back glass because of plants. Put them in because they are beautiful. Try onion plants, Java Fern, Amazon sword or anubias. Everything else is likely to end up an expensive snack. Do some quick research to see which of these plants best suits your setup.

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    What I found successful in my ponds with comets was water lettuce. It's fast rowing, sucks up nutrients from the water like you wouldn't believe, and the goldies don't eat it.. While it's a floater, it has long roots which provide a wonderful complex habitat for your fish.It was one of the few plants they didn't eat.
    I've also found vals to work well in a goldfish aquarium, and elodea. Vals are root feeders and don't do much to help with nitrates, but elodea grows like a weed, is cheap and is an amazing nutrient sponge and oxygenator. For successful nutrient removal, you need to use fast-growing plants that actively take up nitrates. Slow growing plants like java fern are hardy, and may withstand the fishes constant attention, but won't help you much with filtering the water.
    No plants will remove solid waste, as Ghost Dog mentioned.
    duckweed happens



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