FIY: Small Fish Tanks, HOB pre-filters & Seachem TIDAL Filters
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FIY: Small Fish Tanks, HOB pre-filters & Seachem TIDAL Filters

This is a discussion on FIY: Small Fish Tanks, HOB pre-filters & Seachem TIDAL Filters within the Freshwater Chat forums, part of the Aquarium Related Chat category; In some recent snooping around on line and in LFS I found a couple items that I thought other BC ...

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    Thumbs up FIY: Small Fish Tanks, HOB pre-filters & Seachem TIDAL Filters

    In some recent snooping around on line and in LFS I found a couple items that I thought other BC AQ forum members might be interetested. I am posting these because they were unexpected finds for me.

    Deep Blue Tanks @ Bed, Bath & Beyond

    I use several of these tanks in raising fry of different species, as quarantine tanks etc. I ordered mine years / months ago through eBay, especially with the shipping they were A LOT more expensive, but a good product. These items are available now on-line it seems and prehaps through your local store ... this is great small tank option.

    Deep Blue small tanks

    Pre Filter Option @ PetSmart

    In my search for simple pre-Filter options for HOB filters the best solution that I have seen are using inserts internal power filter thanks to Plumberboy. These are great of course for fry and digging fish like Africans that enjoy jamming impellers with sand grains. Surprise ... surprise when I was setting up a 30g bowfront for my mom this past week I saw that PetSmart was offering a very inexpensive insert for their TopFin internal Power Filter ... these have large hole great for the end of AC 70 / 110 filters and a variety of canister filters. Even better the insert has a flat back with a cut out so they sit nicely on the back of your tank while allowing water through ... as an added bonus you get a some charcoal pellets too, to do with as like!

    TopFin Internal Filter insert

    Seachem HOB @ WalMart - US

    I posted this info as a separate thread when the question of these filters came up but I thought I'd provide the links here. Early reports are that this HOB might be as good as AC filters that many of us have used for years ... only time and years of service will prove this one way or other. These are in US $$ and only available through the US WalMart site ... but even with the exchange if you really want one here is best the pricing I have found.

    SeaChem Tidal 100 gal - HOB

    Seachem Tidal 75 gal - HOB
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    Small fish room, 24 tanks - various sizes. Inside the house (1) 40 - Breeder + 2 show tank 1 Fluval Venezia 190 L & Fluval Venezia 350 L

    Fish Room Album

    I keep most of my breeding groups in biotope tanks. I move pairs or breeding groups to special tanks to spawn and raise fry. I also take full advantage of Ziss & Marina water circulating breeder boxes. African Cichlids are what I breed mostly but have gotten more interested in catfish - corys & BN plecos in the past 12 months.

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    Great information - always looking for cheaper pre-filter options.

    Another choice for tanks are Petco's $1/gallon sale offered several times during the year. I picked up a 40g breeder for $40 usd. I think they just started offering 75g tanks now, all made by Aqueon. Even with exchange, it's a great deal - just got to make your way down to Bellingham.
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