RANT, what would you do?
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RANT, what would you do?

This is a discussion on RANT, what would you do? within the Freshwater Chat forums, part of the Aquarium Related Chat category; me, walk into LFS to browse, see an awesome deal on clearance but shelf was empty me: Can you check ...

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    Default RANT, what would you do?

    me, walk into LFS to browse, see an awesome deal on clearance but shelf was empty
    me: Can you check if there is any left?
    staff#1: no (checked visually)
    me: can you check another store?
    staff #1: XXX has one, they will hold it until closing.
    me: cool thanks
    go to store and grab product...
    staff#2: $xxx.xx please
    me: wha????your other store is selling at $xx.xx
    staff #2 not us
    me: can you call them at least and verify their price?
    Staff#2 calls staff#1: yes, they are selling it at $xx.xx
    me: you can`t match it?
    Staff #2: no, but they have one in stock
    me: WHA???
    So I go back to original store the next day and I was informed they sold it earlier for $xx.xx

    I was not impressed, they showed 2 more coming in and have sinced promised to give it to me at the clearance price.
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    Oh boy, i would go straight to the managers of both stores i think
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    sounds like one of the big box stores,myself I find that my local independant store is very close in price and sometimes will try to match the big stores deals.

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    that has happened tome as well. very frustrating

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    Last time something like that happened to me (same name store charging more - not price matching), I spoke with the manager's of the stores, was told that even they they are the same "name", the 2 stores are independently owned and operated etc.. so are not able to match the price as one store purchased for $x.xx amount, other store purchased for $xx.xx amount.
    This did and didn't make sense to me. I asked why they couldn't just price match the product, as the "corporation" should reimburse the store for the loss (imho), I didn't get a sensible answer from them.

    I have since stopped going to the "big box" stores, my lfs is happy to give me the best price possible (matching is sometimes not possible due to volume of sales at bb vs lfs). Although if I need something asap, and it's not on here or at my lfs, I might need to deal with them again. (It's not the people working there for the most part, just corporate policy and operating procedures)

    In your situation, I would see if your lfs can get the product in, and charge you the lowest price possible.

    (By lfs I mean small, indepently owned stores)

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    I have found in the past that if you press the issue the store will eventually give in and match the price. I would also suggest calling the corporate office and let them know how this has effected your shopping with them. In today's economy nobody can afford bad publicity or lost sales. How are they to know that you were not there to spend much more money than just this 1 item.
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    I think I would be most upset at the fact that when the second store contacted the first store and was told that one was actually there & that they didn't hold it for you since they obviously didn't look too hard when you were there....from the sounds of it. Unless it just magicly appeared out of thin air lol It still should have been held or offered to be held till you got back there. Atleast you'll get the lower price when they get more in.

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    I think the lesson here is to not be surprised when this type of thing happens at a big box store. The last time I went into one, I needed something and the LFS small family business didn't have it, neither did my regular BCA sponsors. The local Petsmart employees couldn't tell me over the phone if they had it because they were just unpacking a new fish shipment. So fair enough, I drove down there. I ended up waiting at least half an hour while these very few employees ran around checking things off their shipment invoice, acclimatizing new arrivals, and helping the line of customers ahead of me. They asked for help from another employee who came over, looked at how busy it was, and then said she forgot to take her 15. Lol! Needless to say, I didn't bother waiting around any longer. I really hate giving my money to those places.

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    Mr Know It all jobber's Avatar
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    Gone through the same thing as you did. What would I do? Don't shop there and spend your hard earned money at that location ever again. Just shows you how much they value your patronage and loyalty.
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    i stay away from the big box stores if i can.

    selection at the LFS is on par, but my LFS will make special orders if their dealers can get it in. actually got in touch with their fish dealer and make inquiries with them, then go to the LFS and make a special order.

    it supports my LFS and i get a larger selection than what i could find at any big box store, or even all combined.
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