African Cichlid tank - stocking?
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African Cichlid tank - stocking?

This is a discussion on African Cichlid tank - stocking? within the Introduction Area forums, part of the BCA Main Navigation category; Hello! I have just finished cycling a 55 gal tank and begun stocking. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on ...

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    SmileAfrican Cichlid tank - stocking?

    Hello! I have just finished cycling a 55 gal tank and begun stocking. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on adding more colors to the tank. I'm going for show tank and would like to stick with all males where possible. I currently have

    2 yellow labs
    1 acei
    1 saulosi
    1 yellow top mbuna
    1 perlmutt
    1 strawberry peacock (Ican't wait for this guy to color up, the tiny bit of color he is showing looks like he'll be amazing!)

    All are 1-1.5" except the peacock, he is about 2"
    I'm not sure on gender for the yellow labs, but I'm pretty sure the rest are male.

    I had a successful African tank years ago with species that don't typically live well together. I got lucky! When I had that tank, I worked at a LFS and went to our distributer to choose my fish and I only paid cost. Being that I'm now paying retail prices, I want to do this smarter!

    I purchased all of these fish at my LFS that specializes in African Cichlids. Though they are very knowledgable, I feel that the more advise/opinions I have to go on, the better. Thank you!!!

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    check out they have tons of fish profiles to decide from
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    Maybe a couple of dragon bloods?

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    Welcome to BCA!
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