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New to Fish Keeping and the Site

This is a discussion on New to Fish Keeping and the Site within the Introduction Area forums, part of the BCA Main Navigation category; I have my first fish! I have a Fluval Flex 34 L to which I have added several plants and ...

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    DefaultNew to Fish Keeping and the Site

    I have my first fish! I have a Fluval Flex 34 L to which I have added several plants and 4 Zebra Danio. Looking forward to learning about taking care of them and adding to the tank. Any suggestions for companion fish? Thanks


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    Welcome to the hobby and the forum! Zebra Danios are fun, zippy little fish. They are very active and can intimidate slower more peaceful fish. I do have some on their own, but used to have a tank with them and some tiger and rosy barbs and they seemed to be a good combination - I'm supposed to be downsizing, but am considering getting some barbs again to add to the danio tank.

    They can also be a tad nippy (as can the barbs), so avoid the slow long finned fish that like it quiet and peaceful. They'd probably also do best with a few more zebras added to their tank to form a group of at least six (8 to 10 is probably better, depending on your tank size (don't go too small, as they are fast active fish that like room to swim)).

    Edit to add - sorry just read that you did post about your tank. I'd make a school of 6 in a tank that size... but others may have a better opinion than me on that one.
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    Hi. Your tank is pretty small, so I wouldn't add too many more fish. Perhaps a small school of tetras, or some pygmy catfish. A Betta would be nice, but sometimes the Danios can be fin nippers.

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    I had danio's in my 2 spec 5 tanks with my shrimp and they were getting fat on most of my shrimplets, rehomed the danio's problem solved, lots of baby shrimp now, I find the only shrimp friendly fish are pygmy cories & otto cats. Welcome to BCA.

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    Back in the hobby, 1- 20 gallon shrimp tank and a 42 gallon community corner tank



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