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Saltwater for Beginners (PART 1 – Getting Started)

This is a discussion on Saltwater for Beginners (PART 1 – Getting Started) within the Marine Chat forums, part of the Aquarium Related Chat category; i also know nothing can you help on info for corals types and care? What about dosing im told its ...

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    i also know nothing can you help on info for corals types and care? What about dosing im told its needed?
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    No part 2?

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    I agree with everyone else, excellent information.. I'd love to see part 2!!

    I'm in the process of planning out converting my 90g FW into a reef tank and I'd love to see some info regarding keeping reefs vs FOWLR

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    Dosing is not needed unless you have a heavily dominated sps tank in which case you should be checking your calcium, alkalinity and magnesium etc you will need to make sure that you dissolve your additives first as i had a damsel fish eat calcium powder and die shortly after

    an easy way to not have to do this is use a full reef salt (has all your chems and additives ) also its good to have a well balanced tank with lots of diffident types of corals will help even your levels out because of what they use to grow

    Here are the basics.
    there are 4 main groups of corals
    sps (small polyp stony coral)
    lps (large polyp stony corals)
    softies and non photo synthetic’s

    soft coral i would recommend low to med light ie power compact a tube of t5 or t8 .halide or most types of led is fine to i would recommend lower flow for most softies as in my personal experience they dont tend to open up as much with a higher flow. Feeding is not a necessity but my rics love the occasional lps formulated pellet so do my much rooms my leathers Kenya trees all seem to like cyclop eez .

    I don’t know much about sps but they need good flow and lighting for lighting you want 250 wat mh plus or high end leds maybe some one who knows sps can help any one with questions out

    lps like a medium flow too much flow can take the tissue and jam it against the skeleton and rip the tissue. Lps lighting requirements are med to high halide led or t5 ho works best. lps placement is important i have had to move my pieces around a lot because even tho you think its the perfect spot, they might not like some thing about it. So its kind of up to the coral where you put them in the tank lol

    non photos need feeding wither it be some sort of plankton or just mysis shrimp
    most species you don’t want too put in a bright pace in the tank they like a more shaded ledge as its easy for them to grow algae
    you also want lots of flow(how they get there food in the wild )

    i hope this helps any one with questions feed free to pm me any time ill do my best to answer them.

    wrote this little speel as i see lots of people asking for part two, this is not meant as the part two as im looking forward to it myself happy reefing

    cheers scott
    Tanks and stuff

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    I found this thread on thereeftank forums to be incredibly informative and written in an interactive way that's easy to understand. It's a great place for beginners to not only learn about the various cycles that happen in a reef tank but also to understand the science behind how all the different nutrients effect your system. I'm still reading through it but I've learned a lot.
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    he all, was a part II every published?

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    Thumbs up Great

    Quote Originally Posted by trailheadache View Post
    excellent write-up. have been pondering the switch recently. this really helps. thanks
    it is an excellent write-up. If you are interested in saltwater fishing, you might want to check these pliers for saltwater fishing.

    You cannot use the normal pliers and regular pliers get rusted quickly. Using aluminum pliers will work for longer and best.


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