50g Planted is up and running, Finally
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50g Planted is up and running, Finally

This is a discussion on 50g Planted is up and running, Finally within the Member Photo/Video Gallery forums, part of the Aquarium Related Chat category; ...

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    Default50g Planted is up and running, Finally

    Been working on my 50g planted community for a while now. I thought I’d get some opinions.

    - 50g and stand bought from BCAquaria forum
    - Fluval 406 bought from BCAquaria forum (unfortunately impeller is bad and rattled like nuts, so I got the rebuild kit)
    - Black blasting sand (FB Marketplace)
    - Co2 from 15g column, Aquatek paintball adapter.
    - 3 coral life 10000k bulbs and hood (FB Marketplace)

    Stock (Not in Picutre)

    3 - Angelfish
    6 - Rummynose Tetra
    6 - Smudge Spot Cory (Had never heard of, found during search for sterbai, fell in love with these guys)
    6 - Harlequin Rasbora (Came from my 15g which is now Guppy, Shrimp)
    1 - Bristlenose Pleco
    2 - Oto (All that could be found during covid lockdown)
    3 - Nerite Snail
    MTS Snails

    Plants are some crypts, Anubias and java ferns I have along with some val in the back and dwarf in mid. Still waiting for them to fill in of course.

    Just thought I’d post, I enjoy this forum but it has gotten quieter since I was here years ago.


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    Was meant to be posted in different forum, my bad a similar post is in different section on this forum.

    This ones updated anyway lol



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