Conversation Between kanda and eternity302
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Conversation Between kanda and eternity302

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  1. Good Morning! I am in Langley. We are home until about 1, but it will take some time to get the Guppies you choose. Call me for directions.
  2. I'm not looking for anything show quality~ I know those are expensive. Whatever culls you have free works for me, I'm just breeding for fun in my community tanks. And whatever cheap ones you have, let me know. I live in Richmond, I am free tomorrow~ How far away are you?
  3. These are my culls not show guppy quality. My good trios will sell $50 but the fish I am selling are from free to $3. Just want them to have a good home. The Moscows actually throw Albinos which I am hoping to breed. Can you pick up tomorrow?? You will not be disappointed! They are going fast and I still have lots of prime fish!
  4. Go into my profile and then albums. Pics are there under my guppy. My number is 604-532 8670.
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