Conversation Between Nicklfire and janesc2003
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Conversation Between Nicklfire and janesc2003

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  1. Hi,

    I've read your threads about CO2,lighting and EI dosing. Honestly they're a little bit confusing for a newbie like me. However I'm still not sure about what to do to help my dying plants. As I described in my post the other day, my tank must have run out of most macro and micro nutrients before I added in sechem excel and flourish. Within ten days my java fern shows more dead brown spots and withered rapidly while 80% hornwort died. I then tried root tabs as suggested but there's no sign of recovery after two days. I'm now thinking about doing EI dosing. I don't have pressurized CO2 equipmen. But can I use excel as the substitution? I don't know how to caculate whether the input is ideal 20-30ppm. And I'm currently using 2 96w (10000K) bulbs. Do I need to replace them with T5 HO bulbs or T8 ones ? And how many bulbs and watts do I actually need? Please give me some advice. Thank you very much.


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