Beware scammers on Facebook
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Beware scammers on Facebook

This is a discussion on Beware scammers on Facebook within the Monster FISH!! forums, part of the Freshwater Species category; Over the past few years a lot of social media groups have been set up on Facebook, including groups for ...

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    DefaultBeware scammers on Facebook

    Over the past few years a lot of social media groups have been set up on Facebook, including groups for fish keepers/hobbyists.

    You can read about a scam that is using a BC Facebook group site for fish keepers (post #26) :

    More scams, warning to USA aro keepers - Page 3 - Arowanaclub Canada

    Its crazy how "deep" a scam this is. Someone's identity has apparently been hacked/stolen to help with the scam!
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    I was tempted a while back from a facebook add. I found him to be extremely pushy so I held off. turns out it was a website scammers rent to scam people
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    230 motor stingray breeding tank. led lighting, dual sump sump,and drip system
    150 gallon saltwater mixed reef.
    150 gallon African cichlid
    90 gallon fahaka puffer tank
    75 gallon flowerhorn tank
    55 gallon axolotle tank
    loads of guppies and shrimp tanks

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    You need to do research it has to be a company that has been to the big shows like aquarama or the big international show in China and recommendations . Even then they could have fried recommend.
    There’s legit transhipper for each country and Thry have to hold an export license from the government to be
    To send out of the country.

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