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Tanganyikan Tank 1: Thanks

This is a discussion on Tanganyikan Tank 1: Thanks within the Old World Cichlids forums, part of the Freshwater Species category; Update: 1 Year later : A year ago I posted the first version of this tank ... I had a ...

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    Update: 1 Year later:

    A year ago I posted the first version of this tank ... I had a minor set back last summer when one of my original N. tretocephlus juveniles died while I was on a short vacation. That led to a couple other losses unfortunately and I also traded some other of the original fish. Over the past 8 months I re-built the community of fish. I am now quite happy with the over look, balance and movement.

    Tank Inhabitants

    3 - T. duboisi
    9 - T. bemba
    1 - T. chilenga
    1 - N. luleupi
    6 - N. tretocephalus
    12 - S. petricolas

    Filtration & Circulation

    • Fluval 406 (Biohome & Hydroton media)
    • Rena Filstar L (Biohome & Hydroton media)
    • SeaChem 75 Tidal (Biohome & Hydroton media)
    • Poret Foam corner Hamber Matten Filter with 2 Swiss Tropical Jet lifters + Marineland Maxi Jet 600 submersible pump
    • 2 Eheim air flow stones
    • Hydor 650 circulation pump
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    Small fish room, 24 tanks - various sizes. Inside the house (1) 40 - Breeder + 2 show tank 1 Fluval Venezia 190 L & Fluval Venezia 350 L

    Fish Room Album

    I keep most of my breeding groups in biotope tanks. I move pairs or breeding groups to special tanks to spawn and raise fry. I also take full advantage of Ziss & Marina water circulating breeder boxes. African Cichlids are what I breed mostly but have gotten more interested in catfish - corys & BN plecos in the past 12 months.

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    Nice setup - lot of activity!
    210G South American - , Corydoras julii, Altum Angels, Discus, Clown pleco, Black Ghost knifefish
    90G for "Bobby the Turtle"
    120G South American - Discus, Neon Tetras, Rummy nose tetras, Yoyo loach and low tech plants

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    Great video Victor.


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