Wondering about initial vs longterm price
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Wondering about initial vs longterm price

This is a discussion on Wondering about initial vs longterm price within the Saltwater/Marine Fish/Coral/Clams/Inverts forums, part of the Saltwater Species category; Looking at initial cost vs running cost. Would you say a larger tank would be very expensive to start but ...

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    Default Wondering about initial vs longterm price

    Looking at initial cost vs running cost.

    Would you say a larger tank would be very expensive to start but cheaper to maintain vs a smaller tank? Looking for a fish with live rock no corals type of tank. 120 gallon vs 30 gallon are the tanks I have set up. Let's talk about no sump for the time being. A few well sized fish for each of them, nothing too heavy for the filtration. A couple of blue green chromis, and a goby or two... too start with


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    Good evening. Normally I am a freshwater fish keeper but have spent a few years with salt and FOLR tanks. IMHO bigger is always a little more work on water change days but less fragile and easier to maintain water quality in.
    Cheers Russ
    Apisto-addicted at the moment trying my hand at breeding the cute little buggas!

    Currently keeping the following:

    Ap. bitaeniata yellow wc
    Ap. megaptera (aka sp. kurtzlappen/breitbinden) wc
    Ap. trifasciata
    Ap. baenschi wc
    Ap. cacatuoides triple red
    Ap. borelli
    Also now trying my hand at Plecos and have a group of 6 L397 Panaqolus sp.

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    for salt a bigger tank is always better. parameters are more stable and easier to maintain from my experience
    500 gallon plywood tank
    230 motor stingray breeding tank. led lighting, dual sump sump,and drip system
    150 gallon saltwater mixed reef.
    150 gallon African cichlid
    90 gallon fahaka puffer tank
    75 gallon flowerhorn tank
    55 gallon axolotle tank
    loads of guppies and shrimp tanks

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    Mostly expense will be even for a large tank vs small for equipment and electricity cost, but Salt will cost you more for a larger tank as you do bigger water changes-so more salt needed.
    A big tank will adapt better to changes though, such as power outs and such.



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