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  1. Looking for PraziPro
  2. In search of a vet that deals with fish
  3. Help!!! Red rashes on Zebra Danio
  4. Pineconing betta
  5. Sick guppy! what's wrong? Will it affect my other guppies
  6. Need some help with treatment option
  7. Bloated oscar
  8. Angelfish won’t eat
  9. Something weird with one of my neons
  10. Is my Oranda getting sick?
  11. Pygmy corydoras tumor?
  12. Concerns about cardinal tetra
  13. Is this fin rot?
  14. Angelfish needs help
  15. Using dog dewormer on fish?
  16. What is this white stuff on the substrate?
  17. Internal parasite medications?
  18. Problem with a Guppy female
  19. Dropsy
  20. Columnaris
  21. Gourami has lump/growth
  22. Distended belly on one side of Tiger badis/Dario
  23. angels dying
  24. Sick Swordtail
  25. Velvet???
  26. Where do you get Metronidazole in the Vancouver/Richmond area?
  27. What is this?
  28. What is this????
  29. API super ick and Purigen
  30. Ich in a 30g Community Tank
  31. Water problems, betta staying on bottom of tank
  32. Can fish survive with no dorsal/tail fin?
  33. Hydras in shrimp fry tank
  34. Use of Seachem Equilibrium and Alkaline Buffer
  35. Fish are slowly dying due to water issue?
  36. Fish not active
  37. Pierrot's Deterioration
  38. Baby betta
  39. Ghost knife
  40. Help please identify illness
  41. Help treat Oscars
  42. Acoustic Frog Has A Cloudy Eyes And Started Floating On Top Of Water Surface!
  43. Fish with sunken belly and not eating. Help!
  44. Fish keep dying on me
  45. Please help...
  46. Sterilizing for Ich
  47. New oebt keep dying... Help
  48. New oebt keep dying... Help
  49. help hydra in shrimp tank
  50. Arowana eye like bubble
  51. Tapajo head has dents
  52. Cichlid tank with sunken belly
  53. Need help! Aiptasia
  54. Need help identifying what happening to my shark
  55. A string of mysterious tetra/cory deaths - but nothing else...
  56. Help...ich in new tank
  57. Bloated guppy
  58. Cory catfish very pale after water change
  59. Molli fish twitching
  60. Sick Palys???
  61. Keep losing guppies
  62. Guppy
  63. What would this be?
  64. sick dwarf gourami (fancy)
  65. Severum is sick
  66. Betta with clamped fins after unexpected temp drop?
  67. Clay pot poisoning?
  68. Problem Solved thanks to April & Karen
  69. plastic plants
  70. Mystery deaths
  71. Grass stuck down fishes throat?
  72. Cardinal tetras with protruding lower lip
  73. Urgent comet
  74. Discus With a strange eye
  75. Any idea what this is?
  76. Neon Die off Mystery
  77. Need help diagnosing pearl gouramis
  78. Goldfish HELP!
  79. Calamanus worms treatment
  80. Medication for Damaged Scales & Fins - Mbuna
  81. Any idea what this is?
  82. Celebes Rainbow
  83. Fungus Medication Without Malachite Green That's Locally Available? Somewhat Urgent
  84. Pleco covered in ick
  85. Can't get betta fin rot under control
  86. DISCUS Emergency
  87. Severin behaving oddly
  88. Pond Devastation
  89. My girlfriend's beta has blisters?
  90. I Am Guessing...
  91. Medicine Cabinet
  92. Camallanus in my 140, here's my treatment plan
  93. Electric Blue Acaras Not Eating
  94. Planaria in shrimp tank
  95. Flowerhorn poop is long white with round white bubble attached
  96. Red Ear Slider White Woundy Face
  97. bottom sitting goldfish?
  98. best way curing ich?
  99. Unknown condition, please help!
  100. Sick Aquarium and I don't know what it is.
  101. blind fish?
  102. Help goldfish excess white coating
  103. Growth on Ram?
  104. Miss molt?
  105. White worms all over corydoras?
  106. planaria worms
  107. Any ideas?
  108. Another Discus thread! Help Plz!
  109. Orange Discus has lost his color
  110. Is expired Kordon Ich Attack okay to use?
  111. goldfish ich? help please
  112. Discus fins turning red
  113. Glowlight tetra with disfigured Gill plate/cover/shield
  114. Telescoping eyes and deaths
  115. Injured severum
  116. Bloated Egg Bound Keyhole Cichlid
  117. Callamanus(?) worms
  118. Local Praziquantel?
  119. Boesemani rainbow fish injured
  120. Turtle shell issues
  121. Angel with swimbladder and bloat problem
  122. 3 dead fish and 1 sick krib
  123. Help with pseudomugil rainbow
  124. Help with my eels
  125. Help! Fungal infection and...? (German Blue Ram)
  126. Damaged flank/missing scales
  127. Rapid breathing
  128. Looks like im treating
  129. how to make an angelfish eat?
  130. Help what is wrong with this discus
  131. african cichlids with pits on their face
  132. Large growth on mouth?
  133. Sick Petricola
  134. Is this Ich?
  135. Help! Red spot on my danio
  136. I need help!
  137. Cichlid swimming with mouth open?
  138. Mardel Quick Cure Treatment for Ich a Question?
  139. Why are my livebearers flashing
  140. Risk from tail nipping?
  141. Help! Fish dying and no clue what this is!
  142. Milky water
  143. Hole in the Head and Metronidazole
  144. Emergency!
  145. please help my clown loaches!!
  146. ADFs not Doing well
  147. Was my galaxy rasbora attacked by other fish or body rot?
  148. Bolivian Ram CAN'T Eat =[
  149. Anyone know how to fix a broken/dislocated koi jaw?
  150. Whats wrong with my panda & plant
  151. 2 open sores on freshwater goby / what to do ?
  152. Ich... what can I do till I can get to the lfs?
  153. Treating ich in planted tank with inverts - recommendations?
  154. Chtenochromis dying
  155. Found Common Wolf Fish on Floor!
  156. I think I have velvet - how to treat in a shrimp tank?
  157. Hope for my betta?
  158. Hoplias Malabaricus not Eating... Again
  159. Marine Ich!
  160. What's wrong with my krib??
  161. Heavy Breathing
  162. Sick cichlid
  163. Bloated Ropefish
  164. Sick fish
  165. Betta rescue -- emergency!
  166. Nitrate spike
  167. Cory (elegans) ripped second dorsal fin clean off D:
  168. Need Help African Cichlid
  169. Sterbai Cory with bubble (?) above eye...
  170. What happened to my oto? Please help
  171. Discus Not Eating-
  172. Sudden Betta Bloating
  173. Fish not eating
  174. Random fish deaths
  175. Soaking frozen food in API Tetracycline ?
  176. Fish dying almost weekly?
  177. Angelfish sick or injured?
  178. Anyone know what this is?
  179. Planted tank with ick
  180. Weather Loach jumped, he's alive but covered in a bacterial bloom looking mass.
  181. Ammonia Burn?! Please help!
  182. Scale seperation, like a pine cone
  183. New fish dying without any cause
  184. Something is wrong with my tank
  185. Is there a fish Dr. in the house?? need help
  186. My Discus is sick.
  187. Red worms coming out of vent
  188. Nitrates Spike
  189. 2.5g Cyclops Outbreak
  190. Help red worms & Ick outbrack :(
  191. nitrite explosion after water change. ASAP help please?
  192. poop or parasites??
  193. Tang with ick
  194. Sick Denisonii Barb needs treatment fast
  195. new guppys dying
  196. wasting disease
  197. Cupramine
  198. My Betta Might Have Severe Velvet Disease
  199. Sick Betta AGAIN
  200. Neon tetra, sick and in pain,should I put him down?
  201. Poochie died. :( How long should I wait?
  202. Angel fish disease. Is it hole in the head?
  203. Rummynose doing spinning, spasm swimming
  204. Bloat!!!!
  205. Ick wipe out
  206. clownfish killing bubble coral
  207. anyone know a good way to get rid of snails ?
  208. Red patches on Dwarf Gourami, is he doomed...? :(
  209. My Angelfish needs help please
  210. Why did my shrimp die?
  211. Help! Paradise Fish Won't Eat/Sits on Bottom
  212. Need help to diagnose Apsitogramma macmasteri sickness
  213. Is it okay to feed my ailing paradise fish a lot of blood worms?
  214. help with red lump on jaguar cichlid
  215. Help needed! sick super red
  216. Sterba Cory with Mouth Decay/Discolouration
  217. Crystal red shrimp - losing white pigment
  218. anyone have extra levimasole?
  219. GBR with white "holes"
  220. Help! BHT Acting Erratic!
  221. Emaciated Jack Dempsey
  222. overdose DIY root tabs help
  223. cichlid with eye problem
  224. White poo!? Help!
  225. Platy fish at the bottom of the tank
  226. Angelfish fins rotting away at the base
  227. Help? Ich?
  228. Keyhole Cichlids - red tufts at anus???
  229. Update and thanks - Very frustrated! Ich timing question
  230. Looking for somebody to take care of my betta ///
  231. Sudden Death....no reasons Why
  232. Dwarf Gourami - missing scales, area getting worse, turning red & getting bigger...
  233. Betta still sick /// cloudy bulgy eyes
  234. pleco swimming funny
  235. African clawed frog- rectum issue
  236. datnoid problems
  237. Pale gold barb :(
  238. Spots on Blue Ram
  239. Guppie: Dropsy or just pregnant?
  240. Hurt/Sick Dwarf Neon Rainbow
  241. Bent swordtail
  242. Goldfish cannot get upright, sits on bottom, cloudy eyes -thinking of euthanizing him
  243. Worms in my "work" tank
  244. Tiny Black Bugs In My Gravel
  245. Ich issue, just started
  246. Is this ich?
  247. Need help on dosage please
  248. Help! Severum not well :( red spot on face
  249. Betta with cloudy/bulging eyes /// Help plz!
  250. Goldfish ripped some of its scales and scratched a fin..?