: Planted Tank Specific

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  1. Plant source in Victoria
  2. LED lighting for the high tech planted tank
  3. Algae?
  4. Fluval 3.0 vs Chihiros RGB
  5. Algae Issues (About to give up...)
  6. How to get rid of moss from rocks and wood
  7. New to terh hobby - first tank - Unsure my plants are OK
  8. Fertz sourcing
  9. Healthy Plants ... Leaves Yellowing
  10. Plant ID pls
  11. Crypt green has started to grow/look different
  12. Nymphoides oxygenation? Never seen before
  13. Algae nightmare
  14. Plant ID
  15. Amazonia/Power Sand Disturbance
  16. Petrified wood source
  17. Thoughts on Malaysian trumpet snails?
  18. Thread algae
  19. Mature e tank - reset with new Ada?
  20. Best cost performant planted tank substrate
  21. Help for “high tech tank”
  22. Osmocote Plus root tabs!
  23. Plant ID please
  24. Identify Plant
  25. Sad to see this happening
  26. Ramhorn snails - good or bad?
  27. Unknown Ebay plants Pearling (from seeds)
  28. What the heck is this algae?
  29. Where to buy rocks
  30. What is this Plant ?
  31. Starting a 'low-tech' wabi-kusa using a wide, cylindrical vase
  32. Ebay seeds actually work. (update 2019-07-09)
  33. Making your own Ferts (New to planted tanks and need some answers)
  34. LF: Osmocote or cheap alternative diy root tabs?
  35. Anyone use Weipro PH controller?
  36. ADA Amazonia Experience in the Lower Mainland
  37. creature
  38. aquascape renovation
  39. Plant ID
  40. Jungle Val not growing
  41. Help with Algae ID
  42. Algae or bryophyte? What do you think?
  43. Plant has brown spots help !
  44. What's killing my java fern?
  45. Black beard algae in unplanted tank!
  46. CO2 drop checker - nubee question
  47. My Anubis Planted tank
  48. Where will Christel Kasselmann; Vin Kutty; Dennis Wong, Cara Wade & Cory be in May?
  49. Aquatic Gardeners Assn (AGA) Convention; May, 2019; Registration Open!!!
  50. Crinum natans st the border?
  51. Carpet plant recommendation/advice needed
  52. Please help identify plant
  53. Miracle Gro Shake n Feed 12-4-8 as Root Tab
  54. Newbie
  55. Is my anubias ok?
  56. Best place to get affordable plants in the Burnaby area?
  57. Straight answer on aeration
  58. maple leaf
  59. Co2 regulator suggestions
  60. Where to buy plants?
  61. Dirt substrate
  62. Slow release fertilizers
  63. Hydor Inline Heater
  64. DIY CO2 dropping pH to >=6.0, worried about my Cory cats.
  65. Hc Cuba - new tank
  66. LF: Planted advice
  67. Gouramis are eating my plants
  68. Does dirt run out of nutirents?
  69. New plant has died in a few days
  70. Plant id
  71. Cleaning under Java Moss carpet?
  72. Amazonia Light Ph
  73. Eating Plants
  74. What is this plant?
  75. Plants melting (PMDD dose)
  76. Is this safe for DIY root tabs?
  77. Flourish Advance: Does it work?
  78. Flowering Anubias
  79. Why not to dump fish or plants in local ponds:
  80. Aquatek paintball regulator solenoid leaks
  81. CO2 Line Splitting and Even Distribution
  82. eco complete
  83. Micranthemum monte carlo?
  84. LED Lighting
  85. Lighting Advice Wanted
  86. Plant ID
  87. New toy - cheapo LED
  88. Moss for driftwood
  89. Weird algae, how to get rid of it?
  90. Algae outbreak in 25-gallon planted Natural aquarium
  91. Hair algea issue
  92. Weird plant like creature in planted aquarium
  93. HELP with lights!
  94. What kind of algae is this?
  95. Led or t5 for planted...which one is better
  96. is this wood aquarium safe?
  97. Help...Bought some Mexican bowl rock not knowing it raises ph. Can I still use it
  98. Where to get 10lb co2 refilled in Vancouver/Richmond?
  99. What substrate/gravel/etc for a planted tank with guppies/corys
  100. LF: CO2 Nylon Washer
  101. Beach shale for freshwater tank
  102. Tank Update
  103. Auto Dosers
  104. What is the best substrate for 5 gallon planted tank with shrimp and endlers?
  105. LED lighting for 24" deep tank?
  106. KH/GH question
  107. Plant weights?
  108. Beginner dirt planted tank?
  109. Yet Another CO2 Question
  110. Lighting for 30 gal? Tank Dimension 20"H 30"L 12.5"W
  111. What am I doing wrong? Plants don't seem so happy.
  112. Plant Identification
  113. Advice DSM for low tech tank
  114. Current USA LED Satellite+ Reviews?
  115. Can I premix KH/GH buffers and dose in liquid from?
  116. Co2 ph kh problem
  117. Help me with black/green algae
  118. Hair algae taking over
  119. Tropica Nano C02 System
  120. Placing rocks on hc cuba carpet
  121. Heat+Salt+Plants=you tell me
  122. mysterious brown dots on plants
  123. Why dry ferts are WAY better.
  124. Roots keep creeping up
  125. Weeping Moss that doesn't really weep
  126. Durable fine substrate?
  127. Another "what type of algae is this" question
  128. 400-450nm lighting for plants?
  129. CO2 help please
  130. Can I coax java fern to sprout new leaves from old rhizome?
  131. What the heck is this on glass of tank?
  132. Excel Dosing
  133. subwasstertang in GVRD
  134. Plant suggestions for Amazon biotope and lots of questions
  135. Accidentally broke the roots off Balansae plant
  136. Aquascaping Competition
  137. How to tell what kind of Dry fert you have?
  138. Crypt balansae and question
  139. Looking for help setting up CO2 system
  140. What is this?
  141. Dry ferts
  142. Current USA Satellite Plus PRO LED Light Fixture 36"
  143. Bubbles in substrate
  144. Can't keep red plants alive
  145. Smaller alternative to Amazon Sword?
  146. Starting a planted tank
  147. What is this yellow crud on my filter?
  148. Hornwort? I saw these in a lake
  149. Nymphoides Hydrophylla Trimmings
  150. Plant ID please
  151. Plant ID please
  152. Questions
  153. Anacharis in Vancouver?
  154. Plant ID
  155. HELP: established plants melting for no apparent reason???
  156. Ada soil in langley or surrey?
  157. How do you keep floating plants from drifting.
  158. Recommend me some floating plants
  159. 3M sand?
  160. Hardscape Planting Advice
  161. Frustrated about costs of planted aquariums and nature aquariums
  162. ADA ferts and additives for aquatic plants
  163. Problematic plants
  164. Can't figure out my imbalance.
  165. One plant tank
  166. Awesome new plant on wood
  167. Solenoid problem
  168. 30 G planted
  169. Plant ID
  170. canister+co2 reactor flow
  171. TMC Aquaray Grobeam 1500
  172. Driftwood question
  173. Post a pic of your Cryptocoryne Affinis "Jerantut"
  174. Snail Problem?
  175. Looking for light fixtures for a 5.5 gallon and 10 gallon tank
  176. PPS Pro fert dosing sysstem???
  177. Lf: iwagumi stones
  178. Help! What did I do
  179. Snail problem? NEVER FEAR.
  180. Using Pool Filtration Sand for a Planted Tank
  181. Does a tank with rocks need foam padding?
  182. FT: green cabomba and water sprite! trade for any other lowtech plant
  183. Feedback request on Hardscape.
  184. Identification help.
  185. Help identify and troubleshoot pls
  186. Ai prime for plants?
  187. Amazon sword shooting off runners
  188. Seachem flourish
  189. GH and fish displaying s
  190. Brown Hair Algae - Massive growth
  191. Would someone please identify these plant species?
  192. Planted 48 Gallon Aquarium - Feedback welcome!
  193. New planted tank - when can I add shrimp?
  194. Plants for low PH/ KH tank
  195. Dirt(?) in my tank
  196. Co2 set up ( I need help )
  197. 10lb pressurized co2.... 2 air lines? Possible?
  198. Please ID plant deficiency
  199. Plant id please?
  200. Plant id please
  201. Equilibrium & Alkaline buffer
  202. Confused with ADA Amazonia
  203. Hydroton as a substrate?
  204. Ballast
  205. Eco Complete
  206. plant questions
  207. Plant density needed to cycle a tank?
  208. Aquatic Seeds
  209. Fluval Vista: How is this tank with plants?
  210. Media for Fluval 306
  211. best deal on co2
  212. What size heater?
  213. Canister Filter for 33 gallon
  214. Airline
  215. Current SAT+ vs Fluval Aquasky
  216. Tropica fertilizers
  217. What kinds of bc tree branches to use.
  218. Malaysian Trumpet Snails in a planted tank?
  219. Fluval Micronutrients: how to measure for nano tank?
  220. Current USA LED
  221. Discovered a new aquascaper in the family! :)
  222. rock for planted tank in lower mainland
  223. Switching Substrates in Nanotank
  224. LED lighting advice for 10g
  225. Plants only grow 3 inches
  226. Nano tank lighting question.
  227. Cold white/blue lighting for planted tank
  228. Needing Advice for Fully Automatic CO2
  229. Diffusion Blues
  230. Need help growing plants
  231. Plant ID?
  232. HC uprooting
  233. Drop Check Liquids
  234. Plant ID question + snail conundrum...
  235. Need help identifying plants.
  236. Need help - Current Lightning enough or I need more ???
  237. back to planted tanks after 12 years and need fertilizer help
  238. Article on LED lighting for Aquariums
  239. Where to buy bubble counter locally
  240. Need some planted tank help please. ID that algae
  241. Need some help grow Glossostigma elatinoides properly
  242. CO2 Basics! new to Co2
  243. How to remove blue green algae (Cyanobacteria) of your aquarium
  244. My new fluval eco bright led lamp
  245. Grow Moss/Plant from Seed?
  246. Circulation Pump
  247. What Plant Door Have I Opened up to? Lol.
  248. Hydrogen Peroxide
  249. Mineralized Soil?
  250. Snails