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  1. DIY stand 1x2
  2. DIY surface skimmer
  3. Tiles instead of bare bottom tanks
  4. Sharpen your flipper magnet algae scraper
  5. Stand design and DIY lid
  6. DIY Aquarium Stand
  7. Ideas on tank divider
  8. Paint sealer- aquarium safe
  9. pH regulator
  10. Custom tanks?
  11. Hello! Just a nice DIY from something to something new.
  12. Is this safe? Rimless tank not sitting flush on DIY stand
  13. DIY 3D Background - PH IS Not Lowering Down!!!
  14. LF: Carpenter willing to build 90-P ADA look wood cabinet
  15. Chi Tank remote
  16. DIY Fish Tank
  17. $6 DIY dosing container
  18. 1500w salt mix heater
  19. Thinking about converting my pool into a pond
  20. Leak testing in winter
  21. Arduino Tank Controller
  22. Drilling side of 5g aquarium
  23. Sliding file folder plastic
  24. Help needed for electrolysis extraction of Oxygen
  25. Indoor aquaponics
  26. DIY Shrimp Tank
  27. Diy ranchu pond
  28. Cheap/easy/effective filter media
  29. How to raise lighting on rimless tank without hanging
  30. Should I Remove The Top Frame Of My Regular 20 Gallon Fish Tank?
  31. Best Way to Black Out the Back of my Tank
  32. mesh bags from bagged oranges make great biomedia bags
  33. [UPDATED] Miniature Island for 20 Gallon Fish Tank
  34. Project #16 - Ivan's 120g skin & canopy
  35. black diamond blasting sand
  36. Starting a FW Refugium Inquiries
  37. DIY 180g tank build
  38. Sump
  39. Glass Cutting
  40. DIY Background Concerns
  41. Cutting Glass.
  42. DIY Simple automatic water change system.
  43. where to buy pvc and fittings
  44. Sink attachment for tank water changes?
  45. Local glass shop for custom rimless tank?
  46. In Wall Garden as Filtration?
  47. diamond hole saw
  48. Heavy Glass FREE
  49. Looking for LED DIY specialist
  50. back ground paint.
  51. DowFlake & Epsom Salt as GH booster?
  52. Sweet 40gal breeder Stacker stand @ Lowes Bellingham
  53. Temperature controlled tank filler
  54. LED retrofit to a RSM 130
  55. *Horizontal* Dividers?
  56. LF plumber or plumbing advice
  57. New setup, Dead pump
  58. Breeding tank
  59. WIFI Temperature Monitor
  60. Make up water/dechlorinization DIY
  61. DIY : Light Suspension
  62. Project #15 - rishu_pepper's 165g ADA style stand
  63. Fluval Edge 6G Cree LED and Arduino Controller
  64. Any experiences with led light strips?
  65. K1 Chamber questions
  66. DIY Aquarium Stand Advice Needed
  67. LF: A good place to buy K1 and bio balls / EDIT: Picture of FW sump added
  68. Air bubbles in Silicone-
  69. Drylok concrete waterproofer fish safe?
  70. What do you know about 0-10v Dimming? Looking for some electronics help.
  71. Adventures in tank, stand and sump building + everything in between
  72. Planning to build custom tank - where to get glass?
  73. How do I tell if the glass seams are compromised?
  74. Tank repair question
  75. Project #14 - Brent's Terrarium
  76. SUPER EPIC SUMP (freshwater)
  77. Aquarius cal-boost from Canadian tire
  78. Looking for 2 gate valves
  79. Anyone know a place to get cork bark?
  80. LF: Affordable ammonia/nitrite/nitrate & NPK sensors. Want to fully automate my tank.
  81. DIY BN pleco breeding cave ideas?
  82. Best place to get plywood cut for aquarium stand
  83. DIY MOONLIGHT. Under $20!
  84. (Lf "driftwood") Anyone know where i can find fallen arbutus brances locally?
  85. DIY Fly feeder/trap bait
  86. Need Advice on a DIY Aquarium Cover (48" x 18")
  87. Limeyman's 90gallon Reef Ready wooden stand
  88. Betta tank divider
  89. What kind(s) of ballast, bulbs and sockets for a DIY 2-bulb T5 light fixture?
  90. Safe to use black silicone to reseal a tank that originally used clear silicone?
  91. DIY K1 sump, easy and cheap
  92. Linking / Connecting Two Tanks without Drilling
  93. 12v 60 watt power supply with 5.5mm diameter jack
  94. Eheim Pro 3 leak - fixed!!!
  95. DIY dechlorinator solution
  96. DIY AIO system for 20g long
  97. Air stones through the outflow piping :)
  98. Light Housing
  99. Sump design for 125?
  100. airline vs co2 tubing
  101. Portable Generator Transfer Switch - for Power Outages
  102. DIY Overflow for Shrimp Rack
  103. Help with LEDs
  104. LF someone to install crown molding
  105. Please advice...stand & sump questions
  106. tips on resealing a bow front
  107. lf pvc piping
  108. Building in-wall tank
  109. Painting the Inside of A Canopy
  110. DIY FW first aid kit?
  111. Looking for Assistance in Glass hole drilling
  112. Look For Plumbing Advice/Assistance
  113. acrylic glue and strip
  114. New Pond
  115. heatsink
  116. lf weld on 4
  117. Customizing an Aquaclear 110 for a turtle tank, glueing advise needed
  118. Coast To Coast Overflow
  119. Need 10gal DIY stand plans
  120. Any tips on how to reduce vibrational noise from my skimmer/sump?
  121. Center Support Brace Failure. NEED HELP!
  122. Plan for 2x4 a Nice Stand
  123. DIY auto dosing system
  124. Where to buy glass for DIY aquarium
  125. Cheap, easy macro lens for cell phones
  126. DIY, protein skimmer
  127. Easy LED build for FLUVAL EDGE 6G or 12G
  128. Arduino auto dosser
  129. Kevin's Stand
  130. Pedwin' Canopy
  131. Frank's (AQ.LED) Stand
  132. DIY 12g long stand.
  133. 55 gal redo
  134. Planted with Sump and Light Enhancements
  135. DIY Hood and lighting
  136. DIY: Light stand and Spray bar
  137. Homemade Python Siphon
  138. Drilling a glass aquarium
  139. Help on painting back of tank
  140. LF: 90g double stacker (or is it do-able ?)
  141. painting aquarium stand/spray or brush?
  142. Do you think this is fixable? :) Suggestions much appreciated
  143. Custom Filtration Idea for 5G Betta Tank
  144. LF: DIY to custom build 72"x 24" x 13" canopy.
  145. Design for sump on a planted tank with co2
  146. Experimenting with DIY filters: Combining K1 & Hamburg Mat filter (sort of)
  147. Is this a good DIY stand?
  148. HOW TO: build a custom sized rimless tank/sump
  149. DIY drilled overflow to drain :) "drip system" with pics
  150. LF: Two tanks need drill holes and connect them
  151. Another acrylic question
  152. dual overflow question
  153. A DIY plant-based filter
  154. A question about cutting glass
  155. Anybody in Knowing how I DIY'd myself a mediarack for my Redsea max130?
  156. Decided I wanted another 22g long
  157. building 164 gallon aquarium
  158. Need some help building a stacker stand :)
  159. Facts and fiction: the secrets of silicone
  160. Bearded dragon enclosure
  161. 110G - Hood & Stand Finishing Project
  162. DIYers ordering from abroad be aware!t Brokerage Fees!
  163. re sealing 108 gallon
  164. Project 22G Grammapharian
  165. Project #13 - Alkatraz's ADA style stand
  166. My new refugium pendant
  167. Neven's GU10 LED Light Build - GU10 explained - Update dec 9
  168. The 540 gal build
  169. I have a dream: Brackish vivarium with a mesh open air area
  170. Mix and Match Air Pump
  171. krylon fusion fyi
  172. tank drilled ?
  173. Where to find RTV 103 and RTV 108 silicone, structural/tank builder silicone
  174. Project #12 - Elle's steps
  175. Where to get glass panels
  176. MiniWax Polycrylic
  177. DIY brine shrimp hatchery
  178. Aquaponics Aquarium Setup - Brainstorming - Build Ideas & Progress
  179. My friends 90g breeder
  180. DIY Feeder Worms - Red Wigglers
  181. DIY: Black water extract
  182. DIY Overflow and messed up refugium
  183. DIY LED Lighting & Canopy (2hr Build)
  184. DIY Glass Cover on 110G (Used Old Picture Frames)
  185. Custom Crayfish Tank Build
  186. DIY LED Track Light Setup /w Ikea Shelf
  187. DIY 1L Bottle K1 filter for my feeder tank
  188. Turning a Fluval Chi into a Fluval "G"
  189. Home made rimless cube refugium
  190. Wanting to build a wood canopy with led lighting to match my lower cabinet.
  191. DIY Moss Tunnel
  192. DIY Mini Brine Shrimps Hatchery
  193. Near disaster last night
  194. Diy sand fountain
  195. Anyone in the Fraser Valley who Drills Tanks?
  196. Wohoo! finally got a dremel! now help!
  197. 7 gallon long beta tank
  198. DIY aquarium decoration with acoustic foam - charcoal foam ? is it safe ?
  199. Black Plasti Dip - Perfect for painting a black background.
  200. Did It Myself Food
  201. A few of the projects I have on the go
  202. Going rim-less!!!
  203. Finished my K1 moving bed filter :) VID attached
  204. fixing my tank need advice
  205. LF: 2ft black plastic 1/4" thick.
  206. New stand with aquaponics filter
  207. Advanced DIY CO2
  208. Need help bending a curve on acrylic plastic
  209. Plumbing: overflow
  210. fyi: replacing glass on 180g
  211. DIY Frag Rack
  212. Light pollution from hanging fixture in living room.
  213. Aquarium help resealing
  214. Sandblaster for Local arbutus (manzanita)
  215. diy led light and power bar for mini-m
  216. How much LED wattage do I need
  217. LED strip lights
  218. Gonna be building a turtle Topper --anyone esle interested
  219. 1200 Gallon Plywood build 2
  220. How not to repair a cracked tank!
  221. Centralized Filter & Temp Control for WC
  222. DIY 3d Background
  223. Simple Cave
  224. DYI spawning mops - if not yarn, what?
  225. T8 shop in the planted tank
  226. 141x29x31 inch 360x75x80 work in progress
  227. Above Tank Filter
  228. 20g Stand for 12 bucks
  229. 3 inch hole in bottom of 20 gal tank?
  230. LED Question
  231. Resealing my 40g
  232. DIY CO2 reactor idea - need opinions
  233. 3D background (need an advice please)
  234. DIY Lighting
  235. House filter system on Aquatium
  236. Orca Glue Experience? Cure time??
  237. Led Lighting - Spectrum Question
  238. Safe spray paint
  239. Project #11 - tony1928's stand
  240. Foam underlay on custom tank
  241. New Custom LED is KILLER!!! DIYed by local friend (not myself)
  242. Plexiglass homemade tank divider
  243. Mixed material construction/modification?
  244. Plastic Hinge on a Glass Top
  245. Using brita filtered water in marine or freshwater.
  246. Easy tank divider you can make!
  247. Fish safe hardware?
  248. Polishing scratches in acrylic question.
  249. Resealing 180g
  250. Background Help