: Crustaceans/Inverts/Mollusks

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  1. Help! Damselfly nymph spotted in my CRS only tank!
  2. Shrimp food?
  3. Some Questions for Shrimp Keepers
  4. What's wrong with my crayfish?
  5. Crayfish eggs...fungus or crayfish plaque?
  6. What type of snail┐
  7. How hard is it really to keep/breed Red Cherry Shrimp?
  8. Pinto shrimp
  9. Mosura Ero's
  10. What is this?
  11. Help! Worms are eating my shrimp!!!
  12. Marbled Crayfish : Self-cloning
  13. One of my CRS giving birth!
  14. Deteriorating Snail Shells
  15. RCS grade help
  16. Vancouver Island
  17. How do you manage your shrimp tanks?
  18. Return of Ebiken? but ...... not the same
  19. African Helmeted Turtles for sale
  20. Shrimp shot
  21. Mystery Babies
  22. Does anyone have a comprehensive list of the different colors of cherry shrimp?
  23. What kind of snail is this
  24. Youtube Video on Cherry Shrimp by The Dave
  25. Anyone have experience with Mexican Dwarf crayfish(lobster) in a planted tank?
  26. Crayfish dying?? HELP
  27. Red Cherry population shrinking---help
  28. tiny white bugs, please help me get rid of them.
  29. few different color morphs
  30. White worm with antennas in my tank
  31. Newborn crs
  32. Berried blue pearl
  33. 10 gallon, Crystal Red Shrimp Setup
  34. A couple of questions for rcs colonies
  35. Will assassin snails work?
  36. Best source of CRS (Bloody Mary/PRF)
  37. CRS questions
  38. Berried female Blue Velvet Neo
  39. Pure transparent rcs
  40. Catching shrimp tips
  41. Blue Amano Shrimp
  42. Super CRS - Full Red
  43. Shrimp disease? ID/diagnosis please!
  44. Amazing shrimps
  45. Age-old debate - living and breeding cherry and crystal shrimps in the same aquarium
  46. For Lizzysfishies
  47. What variety and grade of RCS do I have? Blood Red? Painted Fire Red? Sakua?
  48. Marble Crayfish
  49. Shrimp questions
  50. Shrimp under filter
  51. Shrimp ID?
  52. PFR and BM Cross Breeding?
  53. Incubating RCS Shrimp Eggs
  54. Sulewasi snails
  55. Flower shrimp battle for the high ground
  56. where are all the shrimp guys?
  57. A question about Bamboo Shrimp
  58. Removing and Replacing New Substrate for CRS CBS RCS Tank
  59. Shrimp ID
  60. Blue Tiger
  61. Project Pinto
  62. Thoughts on Fluval shrimp stratum?
  63. Need help with my shrimp
  64. Shrimp question
  65. Mixed Cray and Shrimp Aquarium
  66. Mischling question
  67. What type of snail do I have?
  68. Royal Blue Tigers
  69. Algae on bamboo shrimp antennae?
  70. Single Egg Stuck in Saddle
  71. Do CRS breed all the time?
  72. How's the health of this snail?
  73. African Ciclid Conditioner for WC
  74. Beginner CRS CBS HELP!
  75. Your experience with CPO Dwarf Crayfish
  76. shrimp id plz
  77. question about shrimps
  78. Pond snails acting weird
  79. raising Gh?
  80. Electric Blue Crayfish ID Please
  81. Shrimp Dying
  82. Assassin snails vs planaria
  83. will galaxy rasboras eat my baby shrimp?
  84. EbiKen EI
  85. Red Rili w/ blue saddle!
  86. What do you feed your shrimps?
  87. Where to buy Nerite and Apple snails?
  88. Singapore Flower Shrimp looking fuzzy??
  89. wanted an electricity blue crayfish
  90. Crystal shrimp and OEBT cross?
  91. Vampire Shrimp-
  92. Shrimp Wiki Group Buy
  93. Snail ID Please?
  94. CBS egg colour
  95. Seeking snails
  96. Resetting shrimp tank with babies
  97. Crystal Shrimp breeding
  98. Neocaridina and Caridina :)
  99. Red claw crabs - humidity?
  100. Shrimp care & water change questions
  101. Are cherries tolerant of 0 KH?
  102. Help! Blue Lobster/Cray has eggs!
  103. Is reverse osmosis water required for shrimp?
  104. Any shrimp sellers in Maple Ridge/Coquitlam?
  105. Lf small pond snails , shrimps, mollosks, crabs
  106. Babies Not Growing Up
  107. Amano eggs
  108. Berried Amano
  109. Setting up my first shrimp tank - resources?
  110. Water Params ??
  111. Cherry Shrimp not breeding true
  112. How to vacuum/siphon poop up without having to go fishing for shrimp later?
  113. Shrimp and gold barbs?
  114. Shrimp Molt Shells??
  115. Cherry Shrimp turning brown
  116. WANTED - Crayfish/Lobster
  117. Mystery Shrimp Pregnancy
  118. Shrimp tank additives?
  119. Super Tiger Shrimp Berried! Yay!
  120. Shrimp tank infested with pests... Do I treat them or tear down and clean?
  121. apple snails -- SO MANY EGGS!!!!!!
  122. CRS shrimp question?
  123. What grade crs is this?
  124. white cray
  125. How do I know shrimpy gets enough to eat?
  126. Ah crap
  127. Buffering KH/PH due to CO2
  128. How many shrimp in a 6g?
  129. can CRS survive CO2 caused PH fluctuations?
  130. Snail is in "time out" until it eats...
  131. Pregnant CRS died. Recuperating eggs.
  132. Crayfish EXPERTS - ID these two
  133. blue,white, red crayfish $ ??
  134. marble crayfish tankmates
  135. CBS/CRS with amano shrimps?
  136. Need advice on substrates (planted shrimp tank)? (so confused...)
  137. some videos to share with you folks
  138. Shrimp and Co2
  139. cherry shrimp give away
  140. Shrimp Nano Tank
  141. merry early Christmas
  142. Crayfish?
  143. Assasin Snail eats MTS
  144. what is the safest way to transfer shrimplets to another tanks??
  145. CRS Water Conditioner
  146. CRS vs CBS
  147. Found One!
  148. can my CBS have babies in my tank?
  149. Cherry Shrimp Deaths
  150. Potamonautus orbitospinus Malawi lake crab
  151. Breeding CRS/CBS
  152. Gold apple snail new to them.
  153. yellow shrimp snacks on a microworm
  154. Strange, ugly and unusual shrimp.
  155. Excel and shrimp
  156. Assassins
  157. An unusual critter in my moss...
  158. heat and cherry shrimp
  159. snail question
  160. My crayfish, Ares, climbing through the root systems of Mangroves and Lily Pads.
  161. Crayfish info needed please
  162. Breeders 'n' Keepers Magazine Vol. 1 Europes Best Breeders
  163. Crayfish decision.
  164. Beginner to shrimps
  165. Berried Shrimp and Water Changes
  166. Putting blue Rillis with red?
  167. Portrait of a yellow rabbit snail (Tylomelania zemis)
  168. CRS and Vancouver Tap Water
  169. Which land snails are legal to ship into the USA?
  170. How much/often do you feed your shrimps ?
  171. Amanos and Zebra Danios?
  172. How do you keep your water hard for snails?
  173. Do my snails have parasites?
  174. Snails laid eggs- help?
  175. Will large pond or nerrite snails eats my other snails?
  176. Question about malaysian trumpet snails behavior?
  177. Are my ramshorns breeding?
  178. My Flower Shrimp really enjoys hanging around mangrove roots.
  179. My new red wine baby =]
  180. ID please: Panda baby shrimp?
  181. Can not believe this
  182. How to clean with shrimplets?
  183. Shrimps - can they cross breed?
  184. Success!!!
  185. Blue Mystery Snail
  186. Vampire (African Filter) Shrimps
  187. Red Ruby King Kong breed with Snow White CRS
  188. Blue Shrimp crossbreed experiment
  189. Hatching Shrimp Eggs
  190. Any tips for keeping Atyopsis shrimp?
  191. Losing Shrimp
  192. My crayfish is settling into her new home nicely!
  193. My Crayfish (yabby) molted again :) so big!
  194. My yabby!They come from Australia!
  195. isolating berried shrimp?
  196. How to care for red crystal shrimp aka red bee shrimp
  197. Shrimp Dying or Moulting?
  198. How deep does a crayfish tank need to be?
  199. Painted Fire Reds dying while CRS and CBS are fine...
  200. Amanos vs. RCS - how to tell the difference?
  201. Caridina or Neocaridina??
  202. Betta in a shrimp tank
  203. So just a little update on my crayfish. (No pictures)
  204. Snail shell health
  205. Got your back..
  206. dwarf crayfish
  207. To what extremes do people think Cherry Shrimps can survive in?
  208. Snail help needed
  209. Shrimp ID
  210. starter shrimp for a 12g
  211. My Dwarf Orange Crayfish molted AGAIN.
  212. How long ADA can last? Baby carrot kills shrimps?
  213. another shrimp ID???
  214. My Dwarf Orange Crayfish just molted, what's the procedure to follow?
  215. Ideal Conditions for Shrimp?
  216. Can someone tell me about Dwarf Orange Crayfish?
  217. LF Daphnia
  218. Yellow Rabbit snails are jerks :p
  219. Shrimp disease ? Please Help - ID - advice (pic included)
  220. Keeping Daphnia/Cyclops
  221. Shrimp.. opinions?
  222. does anyone know where I can buy horned nerites in Vancouver?
  223. Assassin Snails?
  224. Help with ID of these Snails!
  225. Snail ID
  226. Shrimp Babies?
  227. HOW TO: Get rid of those unwanted pesky ramshorn snails
  228. snail sex
  229. Some Shrimps Photos to Share
  230. Shrimp Breeding difficulties
  231. Red Cherry Shrimp Questions
  232. What are those brownish leaves i see in shrimp tanks and where can i get some?
  233. Shrimpin ain't easy.
  234. Anyone seen these before?????
  235. Ninja Shrimp breeding?Caridina serratirostris
  236. Gotta love those Snails!!
  237. Food for my Shrimp and Snails?
  238. funny colour bee shrimp
  239. Shrimp & Snails Together?
  240. A little surprise
  241. is there shrimp you can put in fresh water?
  242. Advice needed on Cherry Shrimps
  243. Cherry shrimp doesn't breed... :(
  244. Cherry Shrimp
  245. crs die off, is it normal or am I doing something wrong
  246. Volcano Shrimp, Opa Ulae
  247. Orange Sunkist shrimp with eggs / what to do ? photo attached
  248. Can anyone Identify this Shrimp???????
  249. macro photos of shrimp
  250. Penelope & Ronnie