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  5. Discus feeding question
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  102. Canadian Aqua Farm New Website
  103. Merry christmas
  104. **Attention Discus growout contest participants**
  105. Winter 2013/2014 Forrest Discus Shipment - Video added Dec. 18th
  106. (SOLD) 4 Large Clown Loaches
  107. Mosaic Discus
  108. FS: Scorpion & Snakeskin Discus Posible Pair (SOLD)
  109. FS: Dantum Angelfish (Altum x Scalare)
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  111. CAF Golden Panda
  112. September 2013 Discus & Angelfish UPDATED Sept. 19th
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  114. Australian Freeze Dried Black Worms With Natural Astaxanthin Colour Enhancer
  115. July/August 2013 Forrest Discus Shipment 40+ Strains
  116. Split shipping for order sent to Comox, Vancouver Island
  117. May/June 2013 Forrest Discus Preview 40+ Strains! Free Local Delivery!!!
  118. Calico Discus aka Nebula Coming Soon!!!
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  121. the tale of two Rick's and some discus.
  122. water change regime: so many threads too impatient.
  123. Keep up the good work Rick!
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  125. Free Delivery Saturday March 9th Greater Vancouver & Fraser Valley
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  133. 4.5"+ Male Flowerhorn Auction $0.01 Starting Bid
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  139. Happy new years
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  142. Last Two Thai Silk Flowerhorns
  143. Free Delivery Greater Vancouver & Fraser Valley
  144. Show your Flowerhorn
  145. Thanks Rick!
  146. Free Delivery Victoria, Nanaimo, Comox Dec. 23rd Discus Africans Flowerhorns
  147. African Cichlid Shipment December 2012 Including Amazing Peacocks!
  148. FS: Red Pearl Flowerhorn ***Photos Updated Jan 5th
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  150. Select Discus Adults 40% Off!!! Now Just $75 Each
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  155. Your Standing Egg Blue Diamonds
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  158. Thanks Rick
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  160. For Fishy Vids Subscribe To My Youtube Channel - CanadianAquaFarm
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  167. Thai Silk aka Titanium Flowerhorn Available
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  169. Adult Blue Diamond Discus Regular Grade $60 each!
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  172. High End Angelfish - Paraiba, Black Lace, Albino Pearlscale
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  208. food and stuff
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  215. Thanks for the delivery
  216. Cool Cats! Newly arrived corydoras neon orange laser and more
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  218. About Us - Canadian Aqua Farm
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