: Freshwater Chat

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  1. My flowerhorn is pooping white! But can’t find any meds.. help!
  2. my method of water change of 25 shrimp tanks in 35 minutes
  3. Lf: small ryukin goldfish
  4. Need help! Flowerhorn has white spots!!!
  5. Looking for apisto boreilli
  6. Merry Late Christmas! What did you get during the holiday?
  7. Play sand or pool sand?
  8. My pea puffer is vegitarian?
  9. Detritus Worms?
  10. Why is my Zebra Danio swimming weird?
  11. Water Stability for aquarium rack
  12. Can i keep two pea puffers in a 5 gal?
  13. PSA: Petsmart is having a sale on all their fluval filters right now
  14. Has anyone seen albino dwarf aquatic frogs for sale recently?
  15. Do your research!
  16. Why is there fuzzy stuff on my Christmas Moss?
  17. not wild caught
  18. Ammonia
  19. Pleco rehoming
  20. White thing on Neon Tetra
  21. "Newbie?"
  22. Kudos for LFS (April's)
  23. Top fin water changer, 50 model, has anyone found a tap it fits?
  24. Looking for black diamond coal slag and ecomplete
  25. Any recommendations for custom aquarium manufacturer?
  26. Where To Buy Brine Shrimp Eggs?
  27. 20g tank for $40 at petsmart
  28. Dwarf aquatic frogs size
  29. PH levels differ between tests?
  30. Help!! Cycle Crashed- seeded media
  31. Water Chemistry Help
  32. LF: Adult Cory Catfish
  33. Fish for sale
  34. increasing kh
  35. Is there an official fish rescue organization near the lower mainland?
  36. Finally found Hummingbird tetras after years of searching!
  37. Bubbles not disappearing!! HELP
  38. Cardinal Tetras
  39. BAN OF FISH MEDICATION IN CANADA?! How is it affecting YOU?
  40. LF: Clown Loach more than 4 inches
  41. What are those white bug like things in my shrimp tank?
  42. Tuberculosis, What do i do?
  43. Open to All; GSAS Meeting Featuring Dave Wilson, Australia
  44. New Christel Kasselmann Plant Book Now Available
  45. LF: Levamisole
  46. Anyone know where to find mudskipper in BC
  47. unique severums (heros efasciatus, noatus, etc)
  48. Need medication for my betta!
  49. Algae?
  50. Youtube Anyone?
  51. Any Recommendations for How to Prepare Transportation for Selling Larger Fish?
  52. bonsai giving off gross odor.
  53. Snail Identification
  54. free fish tank leaking
  55. Question
  56. Aquarists Across Canada - Highly Recommend
  57. Looking for Coconut Hut
  58. 3 pillars of shrimp keeping
  59. Looking for Paradise Fish
  60. Thoughts on tank/keeping corys on gravel
  61. Hobby brine shrimp hatchery
  62. HELP Scarlet Badis won’t eat
  63. Stocking Ideas
  64. Episode 3 project caridina
  65. Video about feeding shrimp and my thoughts
  66. Growing Live Foods
  67. Identify this pleco?
  68. Albino Knife / Red Flagtail / Albino Shark / Red Tail Gourami / Peacock Bass !
  69. My home bred red calceo shrimp
  70. DO You think BC/Vancouver needs more online aquarium/aquarium stores?
  71. Local Bearded Dragon breeder
  72. Keeping and breeding shrimp succeasful in tap water
  73. Shrimp tank basics: water parameters
  74. Fish: Looking For Red Flag Tail / Datnoid Tiger / Peacock Bass !
  75. Planted Shrimp Display tank video
  76. Is my platy pregnant?
  77. The new 50g coming together
  78. Help please - Water parameters question
  79. New Nano Planted tank
  80. Substrate for new planted, hows this?
  81. Multiple tanks vs one large one
  82. This year's Classroom aquariums
  83. Convict #797
  84. Aquarium Salt
  85. Turning a filter off at night
  86. Pea Puffers in a community?
  87. My MTS has just flared up
  88. Leaking tank
  89. tanganyikan cichlids in lower mainland tropheus Duboisi
  90. Manzanita bushes
  91. What fish to add
  92. New 33 gallon tank - what fish to add?
  93. Looking to buy some red cherry shrimp
  94. Hatchet fish
  95. Where to buy aquascaping rocks
  96. Looking for Sulawesi shrimps to trade
  97. Getting rid of lots of black beard algae on driftwood
  98. Temporary plant weights?
  99. Shipping across canada
  100. The fundamentla Nitrification Process of a Closed System
  101. My feeding regime
  102. Guppies not growing so much
  103. 15 gallon Shrimp Tank
  104. Looking for Loaches in Vancouver area
  105. black diamond blasting sand?
  106. PH Probe from AMAZON and milwaukee sms122 controller compatibility
  107. Please Help! BW Cycling
  108. gill fluke treatment?
  109. Transparent top for a 5.5 gallon
  110. Container for fish transport
  111. Alternative to Milwaukee regulator?
  112. Where can I purchase Driftwood?
  113. Algae eaters dying-- betta tank
  114. Trading Fish In For Credit
  115. Local driftwood
  116. Anyone know where to buy flowerhorns in the Langley/surrey area?
  117. PH affecting ammonia toxicity
  118. Bug Bites Fish Food
  119. Suggestions for 1 large freshwater fish in 65g
  120. My Sulawesi shrimp tank setup video
  121. My home bred shrimps
  122. aquacaping rocks-where to buy in Vancouver
  123. Thinking about more plants
  124. Repashy fish food
  125. Where to buy all glass lid?
  126. sulawesi shrimp videos
  127. Why does tank water go hard?
  128. Canister filter (filstar) air getting in
  129. Where to buy Fish meds like SeaChem MetroPlex in Canada Now?
  130. Where to buy pure ammonia for fishless cycling?
  131. How much should I sell my setup for?
  132. Anyone order from Concept Aquariums in Alberta?
  133. Anyone else use the Fluval light with phone ap? Please help.
  134. Fish For Sale
  135. LF ADA Colorado sand
  136. FS: Java Moss
  137. LF: Sulawesi Cardinal and Orchid shrimps
  138. Monster Build
  139. Hi all!
  140. Happy to be back!!
  141. Help
  142. where to buy cheap filter media?
  143. LF: Aquarium Resealing Service
  144. Looking for large aquariums
  145. Looking for ideas, small schooling fish that inhabits top 2/3
  146. Okanagan Penticton to Vernon
  147. Anyone in Metro Vancouve or BC managed to breed pea puffers successfully?
  148. Beautiful Orange Koi Angelfish breeding today.
  149. Snail killer meds or other chemicals that work?
  150. Shrimp death, did I cause this?
  151. Krbensis pairing problem.
  152. any way to buy gold dojo/weather loaches?
  153. Can someone help me identify this small fish?
  154. I looking for vinegar eels and Daphnia
  155. white worms
  156. Baby brine shrimp needed!
  157. Fluval Spec V light went dim
  158. Angelfish eggs!
  159. Pygmy cories?
  160. growing out fry
  161. albino blue dolphin
  162. Vancouver Area Water Tap Water Changes Help - 2019
  163. Great YouTube site for binge watching.
  164. Nerite Snail eggs
  165. Looking for Potassium Permanganate
  166. Aggressive Rhombo Barbs
  167. Running 2 fluval 306 or 1 fx6
  168. Importing fish question
  169. Blue Dream Shrimps stuck together for over 5 minutes when breeding
  170. Is Clay Pipe safe for aquarium?
  171. Bettas???
  172. Super glue
  173. Best price in town for aquarium
  174. Weight concerns
  175. Stone identification and compatability with shrimp
  176. Seeding new aquarium with media from that with black beard algae
  177. Sealant for decorations
  178. Pond supply stores?
  179. IB Betta Shop
  180. Substitute to Eco-Complete
  181. Betta group
  182. Problems with Galaxy rasboras
  183. Live foods?
  184. Help what do I do?!
  185. Is this a green terror
  186. Do I need to start over?
  187. South American school for severum tank
  188. Pond shield
  189. Giving up fish
  190. Wanting to change substrate to sand
  191. Sting ray xray
  192. Betta Rescues
  193. Keeping tank cycled
  194. Goldfish in a 29 possible?
  195. Black aquarium sand
  196. Power outage for 36 hrs
  197. Petrified Wood Aquarium Stones
  198. Mystery fry
  199. Stocking Question from Newbie
  200. Pics: Classroom aquariums at Brantford Elementary 2018
  201. Anyone know what these are? I was told they're wild caught
  202. Wild caught black bar silver dollars?
  203. Nitrate levels and Denison barbs
  204. Pea puffers
  205. Hitting the reset button on an aquarium
  206. Tank mates for Amano shrimp
  207. Filter Costs
  208. Community tank, PH KH and adding Co2
  209. Looking for a guru to talk me through betta setup.
  210. Algae gunk on crushed coral (brackish tank)
  211. LF: two male Orange Rili Shrimps
  212. Looking for red spotted severums
  213. Testing general hardness, weird results
  214. Apets in Richmond
  215. Floating plant ID
  216. Suggestions for a 45G bowfront?
  217. Tetracolour tropical granules as Green Terror staple
  218. Please remind me steps to swap C02 canister
  219. Advice for dealing with cladophora algae
  220. Changed to Sponge filter from Canister filter + my Orange Koi Angelfish
  221. Can acute bladder snails mate with ramshorn snails?
  222. Cyanobacteria?
  223. No Planaria Usage
  224. Trumpet snail, or another fish that can dig
  225. if fish could smile
  226. Changing to cichlid tank
  227. Increasing pH/GH/KH Richmond water
  228. 190 Gallon
  229. 190 Gallon Fluval FX5
  230. Where to buy African Cichlids?
  231. Anyone in Richmond?
  232. What do you guys use to cycle your tanks?
  233. California Live Blackworm
  234. Killifish
  235. Fish staying at bottom
  236. Best place to buy brine shrimp eggs?
  237. Driftwood
  238. Staples in the aquarium?
  239. Cheap small for a child
  240. Need help quickly before a posible catastrophe to my shrimp tank
  241. Overwinter requirements for pond in vancouver
  242. Chili Rasbora or Exclamation Point Rasbora - ID request
  243. Ada aqua screen
  244. Bug Bites
  245. LF: Canister Filter
  246. Aquarium & Fish stores Kamloops
  247. Tubifex
  248. Help iding a fish
  249. Betta is inactive - time for tank mates?
  250. Freshwater Tank Temperatures & Bacteria