Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great time following the VAHS 2012 planted tank contest.

I know it's been a while since I last sent out a new posting but I thought I'd remind you all (who are still planning on participating) that the contest ends this Oct 15th. Please have your final photo and summary submission (and one that you want submitted to be judged) emailed directly to me at "ptamkee at hotmail dot com", or have the summary uploaded to here: VAHS 2012 Planted Aquarium contest summary report. | Vancouver Aquatic Hobbyist Society
and the photo uploaded here: 2012 Planted Aquarium contest photo upload | Vancouver Aquatic Hobbyist Society

For those who have not submitted any photos or summaries, please ignore this email as unfortunately you may no longer be qualified to enter the contest as the contest rules states that you are required to send updated summaries and photos on a regular basis.

So, as a reminder, please have all final submissions (which will be the final to be judged) emailed or uploaded by Oct 15th 11.59pm. Any late entries will not be accepted.

They MUST be uploaded or emailed. Having the final photo on BCA is not considered a submission.

Thanks and good luck!