It's time for our annual Spring Auction

The Spring auction will be held at the Vancouver Aquarium just like their other meetings but expect a lot more people. At this auction there will be livestock (plants and fish only).
You get in from the rear entrance (it's under some construction at the moment but there will be people there to escort you). We meet at 7:30 doors open at 7:15. Parking in the Aquarium parking lot.

Everyone is welcome to come and buy (and at very good prices might I add), and only VAHS members can sell.

For non VAHS members who want to sell and have not signed up to be a member, you can sign up at the meeting. Just make sure that before you come...
-you package your items in fish bags so that it doesn't leak and label the bags clearly e.g. list what species of fish/plant you have and number of items in the bag
-If you have a minimum bid on the items, please write it on the bag
-please print clearly
-bring $20 for membership fee (you can make it up very easily from the items you sell)
-bring a permanent marker because when you get a membership number, you'll have to write it on the bag of fish/plant for auction so that we can keep track who's item we are auctioning

VAHS Board Members