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  1. Equipment Talk Section
    Hi, I am making two acrylic tanks and want to have a substrate in the bottom. One tank will have Corydoras and other Guppies. What I am worried about is that that substrate will scratch up the acrylic. Is there better or worse choices? I have floating plants and don't plan to plant...
  2. Outdoor Ponds
    Here's a summer pond(?) I just built, I still need to add some trim on the edges Build materials: A bunch of 2x4's 2 8' 2X6's 2 8' 2x10's 1 Acrylic panel (got some scraps from my moving neighbor) 14 3" - 1/4" bolts Pond liner 1 Tube of Silicone 100+ screws 4 corner brackets 14 brackets...
  3. Classified Archive
    is in perfect shape, no scratches in the acrylic. has a built in 10gal sump in the back, overflow on left, internal pump on right. has a spot to place a heater so it is hidden, comes full of bio!! a aerator tray so no air pump is required, has fine filter cloth pad too. the pump is plumbed but...
  4. Classified Archive
    got a 200 gallon acrylic tank with a stand comes with top, light fixtures and also xp3 canister filter can also throw in some air pumps and heaters the tank is 96" l x 20" h x 24" w with the stand it is 96" l x 65" h x 26" w the tank has some scratches but there are no leaks. PM me for pics...
  5. Equipment Talk Section
    Eclipse owners I need your help! I woke up this morning to find my Eclipse 3 gallon tank slowly leaking water all over the floor :eek: The leak seems to be coming from the very top of the tank right underneath the black frame at the front of the aquarium. The tank has been running for over a...
  6. Equipment Talk Section
    Should I be worried about these small cracks in my acrylic tank? The tank is 3 gallons. Is there any way to repair it? Thanks.
1-6 of 6 Results