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  1. Freshwater Chat
    Hello, I have recently acquired a second tank for my classroom: a figure 8 puffer fish + 3 bumblebee gobies. They are a big hit, and seem to be doing well. I got the entire set up from someone who was downsizing. The substrate is crushed coral. I've noticed a lot of algae growing on the surface...
  2. Freshwater Chat
    I like to know the best and easy way to clean the algae off the glass of the tank. I normally use a foam scrapper but it takes a lot of force and its also leaving scratches on the tank walls. What do you guys use to keep the aquarium walls clean. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Marine Equipment Classifieds
    Selling my Twinstar. Worked great but it is only rated for a tank about 50gallons. My tank is 125 gallons. Was hoping that it would somehow work. Did excellent work for about 1/3 of my tank!! Great shape. Bought it from someone used and have had it for a couple months. It is $279 brand new (the...
  4. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    5 inches. Brittleness pleco. $2 obo
  5. Planted Tank Specific
    I have been dabbling for a while now. On this tank I am getting some algae build up on the leaves and glosso , what is that stuff? also a little BBA here and there. Pumping lots of co2 and high light, but my fert dosing may be off. bioload is up there but running dual filters (eheim 2028 and...
  6. Marine Chat
    Hi everyone! So before I started in this hobby, someone suggested that an RODI unit was not necessary in Burnaby because the tap water parameters are just fine. I did have a look at their tank (20 gallon reef stocked with 2 small clowns and tons of softies) and it was quite spectacular with no...
  7. Classified Archive
    Doe anyone know of a LFS, sponsor or anyone selling nerite snail or the horned variety. Looking for 1 or 2. Thanks.
  8. Planted Tank Specific
    Any help in identifying the algae in the attached pictures would be greatly appreciated. this is in my 22 gal tank I do have two glass catfish (?) and a silver tip pleco in this tank, the tank was already established with fish for a couple months before I added the plantsn and it was very green...
  9. Classified Archive
    As described above. Abbotsford. PM me. Looking for a friendlier fish for trade, or a slow growing plant...or just take it.
  10. Classified Archive
    Moss ball for sale...$5 for one... Marimo Balls are a species of green algae ( Cladophora sp. ). They grows into large green balls. They are good for controlling algae. They are easy to cultivate. They do not require fertilizing and do not need sunlight. Marimo Balls are very good plants for...
  11. Planted Tank Specific
    hi guys, So this all started about four months ago when my daughter turned two and our freinds bought her a half-gallon betta box with a betta. We only had it for two weeks before i bought a used setup off CL, and i've recently bought a 78 galllon w/ stand off CL!! I caught the aquaria bug...
  12. Freshwater Chat
    I'm thinking of building a plywood and glass fish tank in a cabinet from an old television. I plan to put a sump on the back, or maybe on the side behind the channel changer. I want to have a panel of slow moving water over some fabric that's under a light 7x24 to grow algae in the sump to...
  13. Freshwater Chat
    I plan on getting one zebra snail for my 3 gallon to combat the algae problem I have. I would like to know the following... 1) If there is not enough algae in the tank can I feed it something else? 2) Is aquarium salt safe for them? 3) What is the ideal temperature? My tank is usually betwee...
  14. Classified Archive
    I need a true SAE or two to deal with a hair algae attack in my 25-gallon planted. I'd prefer to find a trade, or, honestly, I'd be fine with just borrowing your fish for a couple weeks :P Young ones would be better, due to the size of my tank, which houses 6 young congo tetras, a small pleco...
1-14 of 15 Results