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    This angelfish isn't getting along with the other angelfish in my tank and will need a new home. It was originally purchased for $40 from Canadian Aqua Farm last December and has put on a decent amount of size and is around 5" from top to lower fin. Looking for $30 for the fish.
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    Dear Brothers And Sisters ! I'm Currently looking for some High Quality Of Veil Tail Angel Fish ! Size Ateast Medium size angle 3" Up not too small ! Let's me know if u guys see any ! Thanks ! Something like that ! Strain doesn't really matter ! as long as the Fins and the Super Long Veil tail...
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    I have over 200 Angel Fish to sell. They are 1-2 months old. Size is 1"-2". Price is $3/each or $20/10.
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    Breeding pair will breed again and again. I don't have the patience to brine shrimp and grow the babies. $20.00 FIRM call or text 604 722 2699 *I don't know what kind of angels they are**
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    everything is gone!!
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    You can't beat that price, even with a beatin' machine. Tropical Freshwater Fish Marble Angle fish & German Blue Rams Mission, Vancouver If I didn't have my heart set on the Lake Victoria tank in the works, I'd be on my way there right now for some Rams.