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    Selling this 36" x 12" x 18" aquarium with the lid, roughly 33 gallons. Price is $40 with haggling room. Pickup in Surrey.
  2. Classified Archive
    Just getting rid of a bunch of aquariums and supplies due to downsizing. Selling this 45 GL long aquarium, no cracks and in good condition. Pickup in Surrey. Price is $40 - obo
  3. Classified Archive
    Selling everything listed for a total of $400 65 gallon plexi-glass tank (fine scratchs, but when filled almost impossible to notice) Eheim 2217 Filter system(only 1 y/o) Light bar with settings for two separate lights Custom stand Heater(1 y/o) Gravel Cleaning equipment Automatic fish feeder...
1-3 of 3 Results