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aquarium stand
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    Includes: 1. stand with closing doors to hide equipment 2. 75 gallon tank in good condition and no leaks 3. T5 multi-tube light canopy 4. Gravel and aqua-soil combo 5. some plants, mostly stem plants Please text or call the number to arrange for a viewing and/or pick up: 778-384-4485 The...
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    I'm on a hunt for a 36x18 50 gal stand for my Saltwater that are in a twenty seven gal that is slowly falling apart so I would like to move them in my fifty gal tank but no stand yet That is in mint condition that can take the weight. let me know also a couple of pumps for a twenty long gallon...
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    This is the exact model and size ($110 on sale at petsmart): Top Fin® Durham Aquarium Stand - 20 Gallon - Fish - Sale - PetSmart A few scratches on top that wont be noticeable when the aquarium is there, but otherwise in very good shape. I'm in Vancouver (Gastown). Call me at 604-518-0617 if...
1-4 of 4 Results