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  1. Freshwater Chat
    I'm thinking of adding a black acrylic divider to break out the right-hand third for an Oscar, and compress the planted community stuff to the left. I'm looking for comments or anyone else's experience with this. Note that I can't empty the tank and glue in a divider at the moment, but I will...
  2. DIY Area
    I just scanned all the DIY threads and it seems that there is no thread with DIY aquarium building. Did I miss one? Anyway, I think I might like to try to do a build. Rimless, w24xd24xh16 with a drilled bottom for a sump. Any favourite plans or hints or where to get the glass, and what kind...
  3. DIY Area
    Compressor for home aquariums (formerly used) Hello, I am Brazilian and new to the forum. I decided to expose this little-known project of the air compressor. Note that the ideal in the absence of light is a compressor, battery will not give a two-day outage that will kill your fish, but if...
1-3 of 3 Results