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aquatic plants
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    1 Day only . Plants pack for the New Year 25$ for all the plants 1............. rotala macranda 10 stems 2............. rotala colorata (red) 10 stems 3.............. limnophila aromatica 5 stems 4.............. Pogostemon stellatus 5 stems 5.............. Hygrophila Araguaia 5 stems...
  2. April's Aquarium
    Heres my current stocklist second try..first try it logged me out ! Discus high body blue diamond cobalt . small giant gene blue turk giant gene red turk carnation turk tropicals bala sharks denisoni barbs gouramis pearl, gold, honey, kissing paradise fish cories ..albino, copper...
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    SOLD . will have them back in about 1 week. pm me if interested
  4. Classified Archive
    For Sale Water Iris @ $2. a shoot Planted Water lily only 2 availible @ $10 each in pond baskets Generic juvinile guppies $1.25 each or $10 for 10 fish BNPleco fri may be ABNP or Silver tip or L144 I have 4 hatches @ about 3/4" to 1" $1.50 each or 10 for $ 13 PU in S Surrey Please...
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    Hey, so recently I've been growing Java Moss in my tank, and now I have too much! I'm selling 4 ziploc bags of Java Moss for $18. I will not sell each bag separately (sorry). This is what the Java Moss looks like inside the tank: This is what a bag of Java Moss looks like (Each ziploc bag is...
1-5 of 5 Results