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    Shutting down my 90 Gallon tank and must part with this gorgeous fish. She has been with us for 2 years and has grown quite large and robust. She is not shy and does well with other large fish of similar disposition. Located in Marpole area in South Vancouver. $80 .
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    a young, 3.5-4 inch, Delhezi Bichir $30 Agassiz or Abbotsford
  3. Classified Archive
    I am in the midst of revamping and updating my aquariums. I am looking for a number of freshwater fish. If you have any of the following fish for sale, please send me an email advising of desired price and descriptor of what you have and approximate age/size. Fish must be in perfect health...
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    do you know what kind this is? thx
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    Interested in one or both of these guys smaller the better, though the goby may be large they will be going in separate thanks PM Me! Thanks
  6. New World Cichlids
    Hi all ! After upgrade my stock in the fish tank I realized that I have a cleaning problem, bottom and glass. I used to keep gold fish and I had 3 rhino pleco which did a great job. In this moment in my tank peacefully(at last) coexist 2 jaguar(pair) ~6 inch , one aro ~9-10 inch and one...
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    I have a pair of Tinfoil barb about 20-22 cm and I cannot keep them anymore in my tank because of Jaguars who became very aggressive. I think they will spawn soon. I would like to trade them for a decent size (~ 7 or 9 inch) bichir or sell as soon as possible. Curiously but the jaguars seems to...
1-7 of 7 Results