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  1. Marine Equipment Classifieds
    I just shut down my 29g biocube, in great condition no issues. so the tank by itself - 140 Stand I’ll throw in with the tank for free
    $140 CAD
  2. Classified Archive
    looking for a cube aquarium, 24inch by 24inch max, AIO preferred but anything will do. Prefer glass if possible. Don't need a stand and must not be drilled as I have no room for a sump. Let me know what you have. Thx.
  3. Tank Journals
    Hello, so I finally had a chance to visit J&L's aquatics and picked up some saltwater supplies. This isen't my first time doing SW, but definatly the time where I have invested the most. Ill be keeping this thread updated of progress as well as ask some questions to more expeirenced reefers out...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone here at BcAquaria, Im a new member here. I have been viewing these forums for advice, but never posted with my account, and eventually lost the password... These forums have helped me alot, and I have decided to create another account and really get into the community and events...
  5. Classified Archive
    Hello, im new here. I am starting a 29gallon Biocube and I was wondering if anyone has got extra liverock sitting around. Looking for 20-35lbs. I am also looking for a pair or single black/orange Ice/snowflake clownfish. Contact me to settle on price I am located in West Vancouver. I can pick...
  6. Classified Archive
    Aquariums for sale just the tanks; 10 gallon $10. 10 gallon complete hood lamp heater filter $25 33 gallon $35. 33 gallon Hagen black silicone $50. 46 gallon Marinelandnd 46 gall bowfront on stand with glass lid and fluorescent light $160. 14 gallon Bio Cube complete $160. Compact...
  7. Classified Archive
    Hello - I am moving and am looking for a new home for my fish and equipment. Accepting reasonable offers for: 1) 30 gallon Marineland Eclipse with goldfish and accessories 2) Biocube 29 with fish and accessories 3) Some EcoComplete substrate Details listed below of all equipment included with...
  8. African Rift Lake Aquatics
    For sale: Sera Marin Biotop Cube 130 Liter = 28.60 imperial gallons tank, hood, stand, heater, pump, filter: $225 SOLD See: sera GmbH - Products - sera marin Biotop Cube 130 55 gallon tank and stand with glass lids drilled and capped for 2 sump lines $125. 40 gallon cube 23" X 24" X 18"...
  9. Classified Archive
    yep, im looking for a stand. The stand that was built for the biocube 14. pickup not a problem. thanx, matt
  10. Marine Chat
    so i might buy a 14 gallon biocube and use it for SW. does anyone have any experience with this setup??does it work well?? i know there are limitations with a tank this size,but i just want to try something small first. this will be first sw setup. any advice, stocking suggestion, and past...
  11. Classified Archive
  12. Classified Archive
    I have a 8 gallon oceanic biocube for sale. It's about 6 months old. It's currently running as a saltwater tank. Comes with lights, pump, bio balls and heater. Everything is in working order. No stand, fish and coral not included. It's a great nano tank if you want to start marine tank. I...
1-12 of 12 Results