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  1. Freshwater Chat
    Hello all, I've tried to research this on my own but haven't found a specific answer to my question, so I'm trying here: My sister-in-law has had a 10-gallon tank with just a betta for ages. She recently got hold of a mystery snail, though, that someone was trying to dispose of. All has been...
  2. Crustaceans/Inverts/Mollusks
    My poor little (mystery) snail... its the baby of the tank and gets shoved around all over the place. Poor thing never really gets any real food. Also, I'm really struggling to get the hardness in my tank up so it needs to eat (home made snail jello!) to be able to deal with the fissure in its...
  3. Freshwater Chat
    I have a bunch of discarded crab shells from last nights dinner. :p I first boiled the empty shells in water to break down the meat that is still left inside, and to dissolve any possible salt. I then put them in a bucket of water and agitated them as much as I could, to dislodge any meat that...
1-3 of 3 Results