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  1. Classified Archive
    Eheim 2215 canister filter with quick release hose connections for easy cleaning/setup and moving. Includes full set of media (sponges, Fluval bio rings and the black star shaped ones). Just add water and start 'er up! $100 obo, pickup in North Vancouver.
  2. Equipment Talk Section
    Hello BCA community. I was hoping someone could give me some advice before I dive in. I want to add a UV sterilizer (TMC vectron 200) to my 70 G planted freshwater tank. currently housing my 4 discus and 4 zebra plecs. I have an eheim 2028 which I would like to connect my UV sterilizer to it. I...
  3. Classified Archive
    Looking to sell my 90 gallon with light, filter, air pump, heater power bar, spong filter, net, decorations, test kit, and extra filter pads. Everything is included to startup a tank. All you need is to fill it up and plug it In. The decorations alone are worth over 100$ in the store. Heater is...
  4. Classified Archive
    ADA Aquasoil Setup Includes: 9L New Amazonia Aquasoil, Power Sand M + 5 Essentials. This is perfect for setting up a 60P or similar sized tank. (And you get some bonus Aquasoil from another bag too) Price: Selling as a complete setup package for $80 More products to come including SIERYU...
  5. Sales/Spotted/Group Buy
    I bought a small Eheim 2011, the smallest canister filter with media inside, for my 29G. The tank is a new and will have some small tropical fish. I paid $80. I think it is a good choice comparing a hang on filter costing $40. I'm new to aquarium. The small canister is a test for a large tank in...
  6. Equipment Talk Section
    Good news or bad news? :confused: Looked at one in the store, wanted to check out the history of this first. Also has a built in UV. Looked at the EFU35 model.
1-6 of 6 Results