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  1. Freshwater Equipment Vancouver Island
    EUC (Excellent used condition) 306 Fluval Canister Filter. Ideal for tanks up to 70 gallons and filters at a rate of 260 GPH. Asking $150 obo
  2. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    Hello my fellow aquarist I have a practically brand new eheim pro 4+ 250 for sale. I bought it a few months ago from king ed pets for $387+ tax. I no longer need it as my aquarium leaked and I ended up giving up all my livestock to a friend and just want to recoup some costs. It comes with...
  3. Classified Archive
    Looking for a canister filter to put to use on my 37gal planted tank, preferably rated for 250gph+. I've been running a Fluval U4 for the past several months but would like to move away from the bulky submersible unit while maintaining or increasing the amount of filtration. Feel free to...
  4. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    I have an older rena canister filter for sale. It leaks but I think it only needs a new gasket. $40 obo. May be good for parts as well. I used it to run a 55 gal.
  5. Classified Archive
    Hey there, got two fluvals that i dont need anymore. I only have pipes for one of them, the other i dont. They do not come with any media either. They are in good working order, both have new seals as well. I upgraded to two larger fluvals so thats why im selling these guys Looking for 60$...
  6. Classified Archive
    Hey Guys, I have my Aqua Nova NCF-1200 Canister Filter for sale. Its about a year old and in perfect condition. I had it set up on my 30 gallon tank in my living room for about 1 year and never heard it ever, its super quiet. It comes with some hoses and a spray bar. It also has filter median...
  7. Equipment Talk Section
    hey guys im currently running a fluval 305, odyssea 50 and a powerhead 402 in my 120. i sorda just through these filters together, cause my parents didn't believe i needed more filtration; But having been doing 35 % changes every 3 days its geting clear that i need more filters. my question is...
  8. Classified Archive
    3 toonie sized true pacu $20 for the group 1 xxl feather fin synodontis $20 2 black ghost knife fish 1 @ 12-13 inches $ and 1 @ 8-10 inches , super fish , beautiful shape eat like pigs to xxl tank only $60/pr 1 4-5 inch bass <south carolina origin>blue gill most likely$10 2 blue gene jack...
  9. Classified Archive
    Hoping to find some of these little guys. Love em, but hardly see any used postings.
  10. Classified Archive
    Only been used for 3 months. Too small for 200gal goldfish tank. In good condition, no filter media. PRICE LOWERED $400 Thanks.
  11. DIY Area
    I Fokls, I took some photos of a jar filter assembly. It took less time than copying the photos and uploading this<G>
  12. Classified Archive
    Hi All, SOLD thanks for everybody's interest. Fluval 305- as new condition, cleaned and ready for use. Ceramic ring media included w/ filter. fluval hoses- 1 is missing rubber connecter but you can use clamps 4 clamps- 2 plastic, 2 stainless steel Glass Lily Pipes (inflow & outflow) 16/22-...
  13. Classified Archive
    I have a approx 8 month old Fluval 105 canister filter for sale. The filter works great with no leaks. It comes with everything it would when bought brand new. It also comes with used sponges and a tray of Fluval Pre Filter and a tray of Fluval Bio Max. The media is used and you don't have to...
  14. Classified Archive
    So, I find a great deal on a used XP3. Awesome! While setting it up for the first time a latch base snaps off the lower housing. Bummer! Hoping someone has an old XP3 with a burnt out motor sitting in a dusty corner. Anyone?
  15. Classified Archive
    Looking for one or two large canister filters. Got some stubborn tanks and if I could be filtering the entire tank of water a ridiculous amount of times in an hour, like 20-60, my fish will be doing back flips... I'll make sure the lid is firmly positioned. Cheers, dMc
  16. Classified Archive
    Hey guys... So when I moved last year, I thought I somehow lost the quick-disconnect for my XP2... so I ordered a new one and set up my tank again. But now I've found the old one... I'm selling for $25. These are $40 online direct from Rena before shipping.... they work for all the XP...
1-16 of 17 Results