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  1. Freshwater Plants Classifieds
    About 5 little plants. *Sorry about the photo orientation :eek: Am available to meet at the following skytrain stations: Edmonds, Royal Oak, Metrotown.
  2. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    So I am fairly new to owning snails, but I did know that with these snails you needed both a female and male to reproduce. I knew I had both females, because I saw them lay eggs, I removed them at first. Then around Christmas they both laid 6 altogether, but I left for Calgary and said I would...
  3. Freshwater Plants Classifieds
    Hello everyone! My plant tank is filling up so I'd like to sell some of them. The varieties I have are: Java Fern Anubia barter var. nana Crypt wendtii They are very healthy with happy long roots and multiple new leaf growths! Shoot me a PM! Thanks, miche
  4. Freshwater Plants Classifieds
    selling Staurogyne repens 5 dollars for a bunch and blyxa japonica for 5 dollars for 5 stems. They are very healthy and pests free here is a video of them message me here if interested or email me at [email protected]
  5. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    Hi everyone, Removed a few pieces of driftwood from my tank. Here is a link to some photos: From left to right: 1.) Plastic $8 2.) Real wood $10 SOLD 3.) Real wood $20 4.) Real wood $15 SOLD *prices are firm* They...
  6. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    HI everyone! I have a practically brand new 20G tank with glass lid and some white sand in it. My Ex gf bought a 22G long shortly after she bought this one and didn't want it anymore. Offloading for $30.
  7. Classified Archive
    Hi, Just recently traded and got a 50g setup thats reef ready. I found another offer with a 125g tank so I need this tank gone asap. Thanks! The tank itself has no leaks, and very durable with very few scratches at the back. It can have a rim or rimless, depending on how you like it The...
  8. Classified Archive
    Selling 55Gallon tank pacakge Includes -55Gallon tank - no scratches, 1 year old tank - stand - rocks -sand for the gravel -Plants - bag of fish food - 2 thermometers - filter - heater - net - wood -background - 2 lights -hood $200 obo
  9. Freshwater Chat
    Hey Guys & Gals, Anyone know good aquariums to hit up on the way to Seattle on the i-5? So far i have the following: Clarks Feed and Seed 1326 Railroad Ave Bellingham, WA 98225 ** Thanks Tony!! I went there on this weekend before heading down to Whidbey Island and the aquarium is huge.. the...
  10. Classified Archive
    Hello, I am wanting ( trying ) sell a salt a salt water aquarium, that we no longer have time to take care of. You can name a price for the any of the following items. Although I can sell pieces of the list, the livestock has to go first. I can take any questions about the items if you...
  11. Marine Chat
    My cousin in Maple Ridge needs to sell his SW 40 gallon now. I am not into SW. He was going to sell it to me for cheap and I could turn around and make some money but I would most likely kill all the fish in the process. So I am posting for someone else to get in on this great deal. He will...
  12. Classified Archive
    1- 4.5" Blue Zebra 10$ 2- 2.5", 3" Kenyi (I believe that one's male and one's female) 10$ ea 15$ for the pair 1- 3" white Auratus 10$ 1- 3" Jewel 5$ 30$ for all. All these fish are healthy, I just want to get some money to start a salt water tank and these guys gotta go. Thanks for looking! -TSB
  13. Classified Archive
    I have one hydrometer, a small bag of salt, 3 acclimation tubes with 2 suction clips, and half a bottle of seachem prime for $10 OBO I also have a Current USA 24" 2xT5HO in mint condition. This one comes with the slide out hanger so you can hang it on the 30", up to 36" tank nice and close to...
  14. Classified Archive
    :confused:ACK!! An unforeseen debt has surfaced from the murky depths, must slay the nasty beast ASAP!:eek: Besides what's listed below, I've also got a few turntables and TONNES of records. Anyone interested can contact me with what they're looking for, chances are I've got it. Also...
  15. Classified Archive
    LOOKING FOR A 200-300+ Gallon Aquarium..for a decent price..just need the tank or with stand would be best. If someone can build me a plywood one and seal with liquid rubber and install one glass viewing panel..I can buy that too. Just looking to make this into a all african cichlid tank...
  16. Classified Archive
    NEW PRICE-100$ FOR TANK AND STAND! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Selling a 55 Gallon Tank,Lid,2 Lights and Wooden Stand...No filter or anything included. It is a great llooking tank just built my self a huge tank and would rather sell this than see it...
  17. Equipment Talk Section
    Where is the cheapest place I can get a bunch of 5 gallon tanks that have a heater, light, and filter? Should I look online, or is there a good place here in Kelowna? (I have yet to go store hopping) Thanks to anyone who answers! Edit*: Happy new year! :)
1-17 of 17 Results