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  1. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Was selling earlier, decide I can still trim the population a bit more. Not in a hurry at all to sell like before, will gladly hold onto the shrimps if you need time. 10 for $40. Comes with floaters and subwassertang. Maybe other trims if I have them. Cheers
  2. Freshwater Chat
    I have a sort of heavy planted 5 gallon low tech tank with some cherry shrimps. I introduced 7 CRS into the tank 3 weeks ago. I did water test last weekend and the numbers are as follow: pH 6.8 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 Gh 5 My friend told me I don't need to do water change every week...
  3. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    I'm looking for a few shrimp to start a breeding tank. Preferably Surrey/Langley but willing to travel. Thank you!
  4. Classified Archive
    Looking for about 10 or so, good quality with good colouring. Not looking to pay a fortune for them, so let me know what you have. I'm not sold on the various brandings of cherry shrimp, so pictures are a must for me to want to purchase them. Can pick up this weekend. Thanks.
  5. Crustaceans/Inverts/Mollusks
    Who done it?! To my horror I just saw one of my cherry shrimp dead in the mouth of my male guppy! This one guppy has lived with the cherry shrimp for months and he has never attacked a shrimp. I've only seen him stare at them. Yesterday I added some Amano shrimp to the tank and these things...
  6. Crustaceans/Inverts/Mollusks
    I have only had my first shrimp for 5 days and now my berried female seems to have hatched her babies. I just saw a tiny shrimp appear on the glass! Yay! But the tank also has CPDs and they appear to be extra alert now. I think they know there are shrimp babies in the tank! They are normally...
  7. Crustaceans/Inverts/Mollusks
    Hi, This week I purchased 3 cherry shrimp for my Ebi and it is my first time keeping shrimp so I have some questions. A) When I first added them to the tank after acclimating them for 4 hours I noticed they were surprisingly active. The 2 females in particularly spent a lot of time zooming...
  8. Tank Journals
    Hello bc aquaria world...... I don't usually like posting but i've decided to come out of the hole i hide in and want to know everyone's opinion about my scaping :) If you don't like it ...then i'll be very :( but that's okay The Jist of everything Fluval Ebi Substraight + other brand...
1-8 of 8 Results