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  1. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    Selling a few things I no longer use as I've swapped tanks! Tank: 37gal (30 1/4l x 12 1/2w x 22 3/4d) + glass lid (cut to fit filter pipes and whatnot) - $20 Light: 30" Dual Coralife fixture. Has 2 10,000K 31watt bulbs bought new within the last 2 months - $40 Filter: Fluval U4...
  2. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    2 used 2 new Coralife Color Max 28 watt (bought for $30 each last week) $50 for all or make me an offer I have a new 4' LED fixture now
  3. Classified Archive
    I bought these off a guy and found out I can't get the proper bulb for my freshwater tank. I bought them for $100. Comes with 1 bulb for only 1 fixture and it is 10,000k and actinic blue, but both fixtures work. Both are in good shape, but one without light has a melt spot on the protective...
  4. Classified Archive
    Hello everyone I have setup a 30 gallon long tank (3ft) at my son's school. The tank was setup by contributing what we had in surplus or could spare. Someone gave the tank, other filter, gravel etc. Some forum members were very kind to contribute with plants. I am now looking for a Coralife...
  5. Classified Archive
    I am looking for a 4 foot (48 inch) light for my 55 gallon planted tank. I would prefer at least dual t5, but I am open to other suggestions too. Thanks, Noel
  6. Classified Archive
    Coralife Lunar Aqualight T5 Lighting Fixture (36 Inch) - $180.00 nothing lower (trade for some corals or discus + cash) (Paid 220.00) MAG18 - 100.00 OBO I got it 2nd hand paid 120.00 for it, but too overkill for my tank need to sell.:)
  7. Planted Tank Specific
    Hi, I just set up 2 Fluval Specs (2 gallons each) side by side and I want to upgrade to 1 SINGLE light instead of having to run 2 stock lights that aren't very good to begin with. The two tanks side by side measures just over 14" across. What I'm looking for: - Something for my lowlight to...
  8. Freshwater Chat
    Hello, have anyone experienced Bio Cube - Coralife bulb failure? What 'should' be the life of a coralife/Actini c24 watt 13" bulb. I got 6 or 7 months out of them that seems short Thanks
  9. Classified Archive
    3 years old. Comes with aquarium, stand & canopy, an eheim filter. . . its very easy to operate and requires little maintenance and leaves the water very clear. Also includes the coralife 30" standard oput dual t5 fixture. Black Tahitian moon sand substrate and ornaments. Makes a great room divider.
  10. Classified Archive
    I'm planning on making my own T5 light and I need a non functioning 72in light fixture. It doesn't matter who made just as long as it looks good. cheers
1-10 of 10 Results