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  1. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    3-brevirostris Cory (Breeder Size) Pending Pickup 10-15 Large Julii Cory (Breeder Size) (forgot exact number) 20- small Adolfoi, and 2 big adolfoi. Sold 5- Teen orange venezuelan cory-Sold 3-Big Albino Cory (Breeder Size), 1 medium size albino cory and 1 healthy but stunted cory (will come free...
  2. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Hello everyone, I am looking for small Corys for my 10gal aquarium. Vancouver area. Thank you!
  3. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Hi, I had lots of trouble with Petsmart's False Julii Corydoras in particular as they seem to be heavily inbred and sick. Does anyone conveniently have healthy ones to sell? Or are there any particular stores that have nice quality (and fairly priced) cories? The LFS Mr.Pet's in Coquitlam is far...
  4. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Looking for 4-6 pygmy cories. Willing to pick-up anywhere around Vancouver/Richmond.
  5. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    I have a male corydora, about five years old, that I would like to rehome. I've been phasing out of fishkeeping, and this little guy is the last to go. If you'd like him, you're also welcome to take as much java fern as you like. Thanks!
  6. Classified Archive
    Beautiful 55g tank with black wood stand for sale. Two doors on the bottom for easy access and storage. It will come with a $160 47" track light by National Geographic, comes with 12 light pods, 3 blue moon ones, 2 settings for lights, one just blue for nighttime and the other all the lights...
  7. Classified Archive
    40+ corydras (Metae, Reticulatus, Agazzi, Bronze, Peppered, Albino) All for $80 The ones highlighted in red are wild caught ones Would like to see them all go same time, but can possibly be split into 2 smaller orders depending. Below are some photos of the not so common types of cories...
1-7 of 7 Results