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  1. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Locally bred Taiwan bee/Tibee shrimp, mixed patterns. 5 for $15, 10 for $25. Will also consider trades for small fish (ex. espei rasbora, small corydoras, otocinclus, dwarf gourami, kuhli loaches etc...)
  2. Classified Archive
    Only 1 groups of SS grade PRL crystal red shrimp available for sale. There are 10 shrimps in a group and sizing about 1.5cm. All the shrimps are raising locally, premium quality, healthy and all have thick shell with solid white and red color pattern. Asking for $55 and there's only 1 group...
  3. Member Photo/Video Gallery
    Male and female with eggs pure red line crystal red shrimps, I will share more photos in the future. Thanks for viewing.
  4. Tank Journals
    I've FINALLY gotten around to doing a journal. Just set this tank up last week and I just got my nikon d60 a week before that :). Anyways here's the specs. 20g long (30x12x12) 5lb CO2 w/ inline diffuser eheim 2028 w/ hydro 5 sponge filter on the intake UGF powered by fusion 500 24w T5HO Hagen...
1-4 of 4 Results