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  1. Equipment Talk Section
    Hey all! I was noticing the biowheel on my filter had been slowing down. It's a newer tank so I didn't want to mess with the beneficial bacteria quite yet. Today I noticed it has stopped entirely, there just isn't enough water pressure to force water into the wheel and make it turn. I took...
  2. Classified Archive
    very nice eclipse tank with 2 very bright bulbs built right into the hood also comes with heater, thermometer, cleaning magnet, air pump and bubble curtain. 150$
  3. Classified Archive
    hey guys, cleaning out some stuff tryin to fund my biocube! I have 4 tanks for sale as well as a eclipse 2 hood some nice rock, 3 differnet types the one in particular would make a neat backwall! didnt feel like posting everything twice so here are the links For the tanks: 4 fish tanks for...
  4. Member Photo/Video Gallery
    I have an deep admiration for white Bettas. When I saw this Opaque Platinum on Aquabid I just had to have him :eek:. Unfortunately my experience with online Bettas hasn't been good. This will be the last time I buy Bettas online. Halfmoons simply don't ship well because of their delicate...
  5. Planted Tank Specific
    Does anyone have any experience with this plant? I'm planting another eclipse 3 and I want a more colourful plant aside from the same shade of green I have in my other eclipse. I absolutely love the green and pinkish red colour of this plant, but from what I read it isn't the best for my low...
  6. Classified Archive
    **EDIT** Sorry to all those wanting the the tank parted out but it has been sold as a set. Would a mod kindly close? Wonder what happened to the close thread tool..? Hey All, Selling my favorite setup to make room for an upgrade and to help offset costs for a new digicam as I dropped my old...
  7. Equipment Talk Section
    Should I be worried about these small cracks in my acrylic tank? The tank is 3 gallons. Is there any way to repair it? Thanks.
1-7 of 7 Results