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    Good day everyone! Are there any other BCAQUARIA members who are breeding endler livebearers or other small livebearer species here in Lower Mainland BC? I would love to trade some of my Poecilia wingei wild strains and Poecilia wingei x reticulata hybrid strains with other members for their...
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    Hi guys, I am looking to start a guppy or endler colony. It doesnt have to be a big colony if you are breaking up your own because it got too big For guppy colonies, I am not buying feeders. PM me i am in Coq. and will drive too you as long as you are metro van or langley/whiterock
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    ITEM OF INTEREST: 6 adult female pure Endlers are up for grabs! They are healthy, active, and eating everything, currently on dried bloodworms, dried daphnia, and flake. $1/ea or $4.50 for all, or trade (I'll take wingless fruit flies/Pacific Chorus Froglet food - will pay difference; healthy...
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    im taking down my crayfish/endler tank setup. There are over 30 baby crays plus the mom (over 3 in long). what you get : the momma cray plus 5 of her babies, a dosen male and female endlers, the 23 gallon tank, and gravel. Everything for $60.00 click the link below to buy the crayfish...
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    LF very colorful guppies 1-2 dozen surrey langley area preferably
1-6 of 6 Results