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  1. Planted Tank Specific
    I have been dabbling for a while now. On this tank I am getting some algae build up on the leaves and glosso , what is that stuff? also a little BBA here and there. Pumping lots of co2 and high light, but my fert dosing may be off. bioload is up there but running dual filters (eheim 2028 and...
  2. Planted Tank Specific
    Wasn't sure if this was somewhere in the forum, tried finding it to no avail. A little bit of info on what each fert. does for your water/plants. Potassium - Protein synthesis, water and charge balance, enzyme activation. Boron - Chlorophyll production, flowering, root growth, cell function...
  3. Tailored Aquatics
    Tailored Aquatics Amazon Elements plant fertilizer is a super concentrated blend of 4%Potassium, 2%Calcium, 1% Magnesium, Boron and a high quality DTPA Iron. Designed to raise the general hardness(GH) in a freshwater aquarium and give plants and fish the elements they need to thrive. This...
1-3 of 4 Results