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  1. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    Deleted...not sure how to delete the actual thread.
  2. Hospital Section
    My betta (Bubbly, female, four years old) started looking a little raggety, so the pet store people told me to dose her with Bettafix. Tested it and she looked a happier so I went ahead with a regular treatment course. She developed a white spot/bubble in front of her eye. Now what I'm reading...
  3. Hospital Section
    In my previous thread I mentioned that my Betta has a broken dorsal fin caused possibly by the filter outflow pushing his fins around. The fin is clearly broken in two places. A few of the rays at the base are broken and a few just above the base are broken as well. He cannot flare his dorsal...
  4. Hospital Section
    SYMPTOMS... 1. Rapid fin loss (in a matter of hours) with bloody edges and holes, but no fuzzy patches 2. Hiding a lot. 3. Rapid breathing. My Betta has been battling fin rot or tail biting for over a month since I got him. His fins would start to heal and then a week later it would be frayed...
1-4 of 4 Results