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  1. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    Selling my 33 gallon long aquarium with stand, filter, extra filter media, heater & hood with light (all fairly new, decorations not included) and even a few kinds of fish food. Everything you need, no leaks and in good condition but I upgraded to a bigger tank so this one needs to go asap...
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  2. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    65gbreeder tank setup for sale. Include: Stand Glass lid LED light Fluval 405 canister filter with all hosing And of course tank 65g setup 250$ The 65 gallon is 3' long, 18" wide and 24" tall Tanks have sold
  3. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    picture on craigslist.55 gal plant fish tank stand for sale * a nice 55 gal plant tank , 36"long*18"deep*20"high, with clear poly-plastic lid, with a half year old matching stand, black wood. lots of carol at the bottom, some plants, only $120 * large driftwood, $30 * $60 for Companct...
1-3 of 4 Results