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    If you are planning to build an aquarium without knowing where to start. Check out the website that specializes in evaluating the best products on the market. Click here for more useful information. thank all
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    I am looking for an aquarium / fish tank 100-125 gallons, ideally 60" long (5ft), 18" deep (1.5 ft), 24-30" tall to fit my custom stand. Acrylic or glass. sub $800 I don't need any other equipment / accessories but will take if needed as part of a package.
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    Hello! It's been a long time since I've been on:( got rid of my small tanks and big tank plus moved. One day I will re-immerse in the hobby!! ANyway, I'm looking for a small-mid sized tank for my daughter's gerbil. -Free -In abbotsford area only -Can will never be used to hold...
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    90 gal drilled fish tank L 36 W 25 H 24 comes with sump and black stand 150$ Precision Marine Skimmer good up to 200 gallons 100$ text/call for information: 604-603-7443
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    Hi Selling my used 33 gallon tank as I just upgraded to a 46 gallon bow front tank. The tank has no cracks or leaks. It comes with hood, no lights but with nice blue gravel black gravel and some artificial plants. Dimensions are 30 x 21 x 12 inches.The light and heater has been put on the...
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    I am setting up a new custom system and am looking for plain tanks 4-5 feet long. Preferably with little to no cross bracing as I want an open top surface. I do not need any stands but I could use any heaters, filters that you have. Does not need to be in top condition as I can hide certain...
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    Hi Selling my Hagen tank. It is 5 Ft, 120 gallon. Has some minor scratches as its used but in very good condition. It has half inch thick glass, no leaks or cracks. Very sturdy and heavy. Black silicone. The dimensions are 60 x 18 x 24. Perfect for a show tank. Can keep big fishes easily. Can...
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    looking for a large aquarium around 150g or more. Does not need to be in great shape or have full set-up as I have some equipment. Bare tank would be fine but I could use some equipment if you need to get rid of it. I am in North Burnby
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    I have a 65 gallon high fish tank setup for sale with some tropical fish. It has all the equipment including heater, filters, stand, gravel, decorations. I also have a lot of accessories to go with it. There are some tetras, a pleco, an albino rainbow shark, and 2 discus in the tank, the 2...
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    FREE 20 gallon tall tank. (16 1/8" tall x 24 3/4" wide) Sold as is with fish, plants, eco-complete black substrate, malaysian driftwood, HOB Filter Aqueon QuietFlow, submersible 50W heater and stand (optional). Fish include: 3 Angel Fish 1 High Fin Platy 1 Albino Pleco 5 Julii Cory Doras (1...
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    Selling my established 10 gallon shellie multifasciatus tank to make room for something larger. There is currently about 10 healthy shellie mulitfasciatus in the tank, as well as 3 or 4 long horned snails. You're basically paying for the fish and snails, and the rest of the tank is free.The...
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    hi guys, im new to this forum and im looking to buy maybe 10-20 or more discus (cheap) wild or not doesn't matter.. i already have 120g tank fully cycled about a month for only discus thanks
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    I'm looking for a big acrylic or plexi glass tank. About 100 gallon to 150 gallon, prefer 4'x 2' foot print. Don't have to be a show tank because it will be placed inside a stand. PM or email me price with a picture. Thanks!
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    I have a 75 Gallon aquarium (black in color), 2 T5 lamps (bought for 100+), filter, blower, thermometer around 60-70 pounds of live rock (which is currently filled with moss- needs scrubbing which I bought for $400+ at King Eds) a brand new protein skimmer without box ******must take all of...
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    PLEASE DELETE POST - SOLD I am selling my 120 gallon aquarium as I do not have the time to keep up with it. It is 3 years old and has no leaks. I am asking $700 for everything together. You will need to arrange for pickup and transportation. It is very heavy! I am located in the Surrey/Langley...
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    Aquarium - post deleted
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    Looking to trade my 26-29 inch clownknife, this monster is not working out with the rest of my fish. Healthy and great looking..I was very impressed by its size when I got it (not reccomended for tanks smaller than 200 Gallons) Will trade for any other monster you may be looking to trade. PM ME...
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    Hi, I am selling my 110 Gallon Tank (6ftx18inchesx18inches) that comes with a stand built at home, and a light for 300$ firm...Has no cracks or leaks and is currently holding water, condition of tank is great too! Just upgraded to a 200 Gallon. PM me if interested or for more info.
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    Selling a very nice octagon shape from front/corner 45 Gallon Fish Tank, with a nice black stand, 2 lights and a canopy...Will empty and clean out before selling. PM me or call/text 604-832-0260 for more info. 130$ firm is the price. Cheers Ray :cool: