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  1. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Free to a good home Have 8 red/pink Mickey Mouse platys about 2 months old Also have 5 sunburst wag platys about 3-4 weeks old which will be available soon All have been living well in planted tank
    $0 CAD
  2. For Sale Plecos for sale

    Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Plecos for sale Phantom 4-5 inch 50$ Pair of zebra coloumbian 4-5 inch 60$ Starlight plecos 1-1.5 inch 35$ each Text me on 604506707eight Pick up surrey newton Or maple ridge
    $35 CAD
  3. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    Moving so need to sell my tank. Tank is 120 gallons. It does have some scratches on it. But not a lot. Been told that I am the only one that notice them. Dimensions length is 6 feet width is 18 inches height without hood is 24 inches height with hood is 35 inches Also Iincludes 3...
    $1,500 CAD
  4. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Unfortunately have to move and can not take any of my fish with me. This last one is roughly 4", the largest one of the group. Super hardy, eat well and have not gotten sick. Has a fin deformity but I'd like to think it makes him unique. Ideally he needs a home with other discus. Located in...
    $50 CAD
  5. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    These guys are homebred and has been breeding consistent. They are part of the endler family so they are a bit smaller than regular guppies. Perfect for a nano tank. The double swords on the males takes awhile to show. Minimum of 2 $10 for 2 juveniles (1 male 1 female) $15 for 3 juveniles (1...
    $5 CAD
  6. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Looking to downsize these Santa Claus guppies. Will only be getting rid of juveniles atm so their color won't show until later on as these guys takes months to mature. Minimum of 2 $10 for 2 juveniles (1 male 1 female) $15 for 3 juveniles (1 male 2 female) Willing to trade for shrimps Pickup...
    $5 CAD
  7. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Selling all my fish. Pickup Only in Surrey 160th and 90th. Cash or etransfer, no trades, getting out of the hobby.
    $12,345 USD
  8. Freshwater Chat
    Healthy A Grade Arowanas for sale at affordable prices. Each equipped with chip & certificate to comply with CITES. We have the following types of Arowanas: ‪(415) 745-2639‬ Green Asian Arowana Banjar Red Arowana, Red Tail Golden, Qian Hu Red Tail Golden Panda Gold High Back Red Tail Golden Red...
  9. Freshwater Chat
    High quality Arowana fishes for sale,We have available Grade A Asian Red, Super Red, Chili Red, RTG, Golden X Back and many others. They are all well fed and will come along with all papers including CITES, Quality and healthy A Grade. We give them out on an affordable prices, we can ship to...
  10. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Two Heckel Discus approximately 4.5-5" for $140 Large Paradise Gouramis [Proven Breeders] 3 Males 3 Females $30 for group Geo and tetras all sold Pm me for pictures and details.
    $30 CAD
  11. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    XL beauty heros severus, 100$ obo (trades welcome) 10-12" atleast. absolute unit of a fish, feisty as hell so will need a very large tank for it to accept tank mates. Show fish qualities (perfect hard rays, no deformities, amazing coloration.) Text 778 960 9655, need gone asap. pick up maple ridge
    $1 CAD
  12. Classified Archive
    I have a Dwarf pea puffer that’s all by itself since all it’s mates died and it hasn’t been doing well. Please PM me if you have a puffer community that my little guy can join, only want the best for him hence why I’m letting go of him. Surrey/Langley
    $7 CAD
  13. Freshwater Chat
    Pickup North Delta 10$ (Fish on the Left)
  14. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Need them gone! All eat northfin carnivore pellets, frozen smelts and shrimps. Most of them are wild caught. • Ornate Bichir 13" $100 • Wild Caught Ansorgii Bichir 18" $100 • Wild Caught Congo Bichir 18" $150 $300 for all Location: Richmond Pm for details
    $100 CAD
  15. Marine Chat
    Anyone here looking to rehome a Yellow Tang? Willing to buy one, thanks!
  16. Freshwater Chat
    Delete thanks
  17. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Hi there, I have some Buenos Aires Tetras for sale I’m selling them $2 each. Please PM or text me for more info Thanks for checking my ad, Kevin 778-231-0986
  18. Classified Archive
    Hello, Selling my fishes as planning to redo my 60 gallon and these need to go. 1. 4 x Kribensis - $25 (1M, 3F The male breeds with multiple females) 2. 4 x Silver flying fox -$ 30 (Crossocheilus reticulatus) Best algae eaters Take them all for $45 See pics. The Kribensis need to go in a...
  19. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Stunning wild caught heros severus (tiger severum) must have a minimum 100+ gallon. Perfectly healthy fish but has become too aggressive towards my other severum. Roughly 6-8" long. Asking 70 obo due to its rarity and size. Pickup only Maple Ridge Text 778 960 9655 for more info, thanks!
  20. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    Unfortunately have no time and I feel bad about not using the tank to its potential. 50 ga Fluval tank and stand. Glass top. A few scratches on the front glass. Enheim heater 406 canister with spare parts flow lock etc 20 gal co2 with regulator. Glo light t5ho 2 bulb All ferts/test kits/filter...
1-20 of 142 Results