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  1. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    SOLD I have two Thai silk flowerhorn imported from Thailand, one is a male 4 inches (update, used ruler) with a nice kok growing already and the other is slightly smaller at 3.25 inches, looks female so far but not certain. The male is very aggressive and is in his own tank while the 'female'...
  2. Classified Archive
    Hi guys/gals, i have 2 Red Dragon Flowerhorns for sale. They are eating well and are both 9-10 inches. Ok first off we have the smaller of the two. He has beautiful markings and is really fun to feed :bigsmile: This boy is $100 Next we have the big boy! He has a bigger "kok" then the other...
  3. Classified Archive
    all flowerhorn fish sold 1]: 25 gal fish tank, no light, no filter, $30,with a large driftwood free. 2]: 25 gal tank set, with light, filter, 100w heater, $50,with a driftwood free. tank size: 30"long,12"deep,16"high. 3]: 500 gram pallet fishfood for flowerhorns , open bag, just...
  4. New World Cichlids
    I've had this guy for about a year now. I got him from a petsmart that had him mis-labled as a jack dempsey and he sold for $8.99 so of course I jumped right on that. I call it "The Enigma" aptly named after his exquisite coloring and brash disposition. But the thing that gets me the most about...
  5. Classified Archive
    70 gallon tank with stand comes with heater and filter 200$ 14 inch jardini arowana SOLD Red Dragon female flower horn 30$ sold 90 gallon with filter and heater no stand 200$ 120 gallon with heater filters and gravel some decorations SOLD 30 gallon eclipse tank with heater and filter SOLD 5...
  6. Classified Archive
    approx 2" full flower line, healthy 2 for $15 maple ridge 604 466 9368
  7. Classified Archive
    I have a 7 inch male flowerhorn dragon with a medium size hump. very nice flower line. I bought him today from Piranhaman user on this site! But I'm a rookie I failed to research this fish! just jump in like a rookie! anyways I have him in a corner with divider up I put him in with a green...
  8. Classified Archive
    1" flowerhorn babies They all have the full flowerline The father is a Red Dragon 2 for $15 604 466 9368
  9. Introduction Area
    Dear Flowerhorn Brothers! I'm Jacky Tang! I'm A Super Big Fan Of Flowerhorn! That's why I would love to Share, Learn, and Support with u guys about My Champion Flowerhorn that I just Imported to Vancouver CANADA now! All Comments R Welcome To My Mail Box in order to make our Flowerhorn...
  10. New World Cichlids
    Sooo.... I couldn't pass up the tank of baby FH at king ed's yesterday after watching the two big angry males they had in tanks above them and I finally came home with one, So very cute, but understandably a bit chewed up by the others, should I put a bit of salt in his water? I swear his fins...
  11. Classified Archive
    hi i would like to get a 2-4 inch male flowerhorn im willing to pay $40 or if you see my other post i could trade for it i would prefer to trade and if anyone has a jade green or blue monkey flowerhorn those would be my first picks or maybe a fader but i will not be looking for red dragon...
  12. Hospital Section
    My flowerhorn i got isn't eating my dry food, he eats blood worms and beef heart but that's it. He has white stringy poop even when he does eat anything... Any suggestions Thanks for the help! -Nick
  13. Classified Archive
    Colourful and healthy flowerhorn fish 8". I keep fh in 50 gallon tank and would like to start an african cichlid tank. PM me if interested pls. Asking $45.00. Thanks for checking out this post!
1-13 of 13 Results